Saturday, August 6, 2011

Muck, Memories and More

A friend quoted from an article: "where there's muck, there's memory." The article had to do with discoveries from an archeological dig. Our muck may not date back hundreds of years, but has brought back many memories nonetheless.

When we go out to feed the cat, water the garden, and pick up the mail, it feels like we're visiting a graveyard.

Brutus hears us coming and runs out of his temporary home in the pole barn and rolls over to be petted, then purrs contentedly.

Mike is leaning over the deck to water the garden below. I harvested a dozen tomatoes yesterday and a handful of basil.
Occasionally we discover in the muck another item to salvage or let go.

Back at our fancy refugee pad, I spend hours cleaning and restoring a variety of items. These are my favorite tools.

And Mike spends endless hours working on the loss and replacement spreadsheet.
However, this week he also went to the insurance people to threaten them find out what was taking so long. Now things are moving and we were finally able to sign a contract with the builder. He is ready to begin reconstruction on Monday.

We did try out our new tandem one morning and enjoyed the 15 mile ride very much. But I only remembered to take a picture when Mike was putting it away.

The garage is half full of more items to restore or throw away. And there is a whole ozoned room upstairs of  stuff to be gone through. I have been cleaning the rescued photo albums, so full of memories! Also, for variety, I have been going through packets of letters my brother retrieved from Dad's office. Oh, my, oh my! Did I really write that many letters over the years? What a wealth of family history! Thank you, Dad, for filing every piece so carefully.

Midst the reminiscences and reflections, life in the present goes on.
Saturday we bought a used car that will replace mine.

Sunday, Kayla and I drove Skye to Miracle Camp.

From the photos on the web site, I gather he had a  great time. Malachi goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, after my hair appointment, SIL Diane and I went out to lunch. 

Chalupa lunch
Two afternoons Mike teaches ceramics at the Red Barn. This talented senior will soon be leaving for college.

Today, Saturday, Mike biked with his cycling club again after a long time absent.
And I ran a 5K with DIL Kristie. We both did better than we expected and won our age divisions. Kristie was also the second overall female runner. She still has the gift!

We chose to run as an act of solidarity with her father, my consuegro, on the anniversary of his fateful day and praying especially for him as this summer has been extremely trying. (To read about him and hear his story, go to

This is my weekly attempt to participate in Project 365. We aim to take a photo a day, some for love of photography, others to keep a record of our daily lives.  Sara at is our hostess, where we link up and try to visit one another's blogs. I failed miserably at that this week and have had a hard time even writing this post. I try not to miss because I know I can hardly remember what happens from one day to the next. So, here goes, this is Week 32.


momma frans said...

good job on the run!!! I'm trying to train for a 5k. I've never liked running, or done well at it, so we'll see how that goes....

sara said...

I am so glad that you can start rebuilding on Monday!!! How long do you think it will take?

So what is Miracle Camp?

Wow..still so impressed you run 5Ks!!! And how great to do it with your DIL!!

The Bug said...

It might have been hard to write, but it was a joy to read. I'm so glad Mike got the insurance company MOVING. Sheesh!

I like that you're doing things you love even while still sorting through the past.

I hope that you have a good week.

RaD said...

Great job on the run! My hubby is talking about running now too. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Glad to hear your house is able to finally get going!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a great week. good job on the run. I give you major kudos as I refuse to run even if I'm active

stephan said...

So what was taking so long with the insurance company??? Don't they realize waiting for a decision---any decision is what takes more energy than anything? It really isn't acceptable behavior.

Cotehele said...

Brutus looks like a sweet kitty, but his name implies otherwise. He sure misses his family.

How exciting construction begins Monday! Reliving memories must be bittersweet. Soon you can sit on the deck with a cup of tea and enjoy the peace of your new home.