Saturday, August 20, 2011

The A, B, C's of Week 34

A Happenin' Week

Biked to breakfast twice.

Beautiful sunrise en route to McD's in Hartford City

Genius, Purty Smart, or Just Plain Dumb?

These two photos reminded me that we began tandeming ten years ago. That year we attended the Midwest Tandem Rally in Duluth, Minnesota, and also rode in the infamous  famous Hilly Hundred. Back then we bought the event jerseys because we needed them. Now I must replace some, either lost in the fire or outgrown.

Boxes and boxes of restored items were returned this week. More stuff to go through.

Boxes of Klaytivity ceramics
Mike is happy to have his pottery pieces back so he can sell at the Covered Bridge Festival again this year.

Best of all--the bid for the house was approved!

Car--Kayla and I went up to my brother Alan's shop, Global Auto, on Monday for a complete check and repair of her newly acquired vehicle. We left it there and returned Friday to pick it up.

Ready for college!
Deck--another efficient Amish crew finished the deck, after the foundation had been power washed and the lower level framing painted to seal the wood and avoid permeating odors.

Diane (Mike's younger sister) is checking out the 'house' for the first time since the house fire in June.

Egg Art--Kayla and I waited at Grandma Hoyt's new place, while her car was being diagnosed, and met one of her neighbors--Emma Fretz, the egg artist. She recently received an award from the guild for her contribution to the art of eggery. She has made more than 9,000 in her lifetime and at 85 continues to teach the craft even though she can no longer see well enough to make her own.

Daniel in the lion's den (in ostrich egg)
Friends--We are so happy that Mother has such great neighbors. 'Aunt' Margaret (as we lovingly called her from the time we were little and living next door to fellow missionaries, the Marshalls) is across the hall from Mother's apartment.

'Aunt' Margaret and Mother
Grandchildren, gifts from God--Three of them started back to school this week. We enjoyed the two younger ones overnight and kept so busy I forgot to take pictures until they were ready to leave.

Kayla, Diane and I went to the State Fair. Kayla was especially happy to find the perfect purchase--a HAT, of course!

She moves this weekend and begins her college career on Monday!

I could probably complete the entire alphabet naming the blessings, and busyness, of this week.
So as not to bore you, I will stop here and go over to Sara to link up with the friends there.


The Bug said...

Love that you guys tandem to breakfast - it's so good for you & gives you great photo ops :)

Boy those eggs are pretty amazing!

Love Kayla's hat - really cute & it matches her top!

semperfi said...

Great pics. The egg art is amazing, I love the Daniel in the Lions den.


Love the tandem picture and Kayla's hat! It is so cute!

Oldfangled said...

Golly Gee, Grandma! You forGot a letter! (:

(Nice photos, though. Yay for the proGress on the house.)

RaD said...

Well that was a cute way to do your 365! Glad to see things are progressing on the house for you. I'll bet your ready for things to be semi-back to normal.

Alberto said...

And this week, nothing happened beyond the H?
Rita, you're up so much the technical level of the blog. Regards