Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress Report

I decided to make time every Sunday to play the organ inherited from my parents' vacated home, which son Stephan kindly delivered here a week ago. It may end up replacing the keyboard lost in the house fire.

It was very enjoyable, although I have a lot to relearn--how to use all the stops and dance on the pedals.

Monday, August 22nd--Mother and Dad's 69th anniversary
My plan was to include the letters written seventy (yes, 70) years ago between Dad and Grandpa Hirschy--the requesting and granting of permission to marry as well as some other very interesting details about Mother and Dad's courtship. However, I have momentarily misplaced those letters. Instead here is my most recent photo of Dad and again one of Mother reading her own letters written during that period of her life.

Thank you for your faithfulness and love over the many years!

Our post-colonoscopy Red Lobster mid-afternoon meal and a shared strawberry shortcake supper, a delicious celebration after a day and a half on liquids only.

Baked Seafood

Strawberry Shortcake from Ivanhoes
Mike goes out to survey the building progress several times a day and has spent countless hours splitting logs from the large oak tree. I go and walk through as often as possible. It is fun to imagine each room as they begin to take shape.  Back at our temporary residence the restoration and replacement process continues steadily.

At a flea market, I found a telephone (or gossip) bench  to replace the one that worked so well in our entry way.

Did you know that was what they were called? I could NOT google this antique until someone told me the name.

These are views of the house by the end of the work week.

Front Entry View
North Side View

Saturday was very much like a vacation day. We were invited to take part in a bike ride with a group of Taylor students as part of their leadership training. Mike went along last year as the bike mechanic. This time we came along on our tandem. Friend Dane helped check and adjust bikes before the ride.

The Bike Doctors--Mike (foreground), Dane (background)

Words of advice from the expert

The Happy Cyclists


Mimi said...

I wish we could have seen the two of you on the bike!

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

That looks like a great week. Congrats to your parents! Love your post colonoscopy meal - yum!

Your house looks like its coming right along. Mike's dad has a telephone bench (the cabinet part is a little bigger than the one you got). I would love to get it someday, but don't know where in the world I'd put it.

sara said...

wow your house is really coming along!!!

69 years of wonderful! you have your mom's smile!!

my jared is leaning toward Anderson University...i might see you soon if he has to come for an audition!!


wow the house is moving right along. I loved the pictures of your mom. She has such a precious face

semperfi said...

The house is looking great!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! What great progress on your rebuild! I know you will be so happy when you are finished!

I know you are glad to have the procedure behind experience was not to bad but I am grateful that it is over, at least for another three years anyway!


Lhoyt said...

I knew of both names for that bench, but had forgotten them both.
The prepping for the colonoscopy is the worst. But just think of the comfort of knowing for sure how your health is, and if something is wrong, being able to catch it before it is life threatening.
For those of us who don't have the discipline for long bike rides or to run on a regular and strenuous regimen, keeping in shape is not as much fun. My job is that important, though much less interesting, substitute.

Kim said...

Amazing progress on the house! How fun to see it going up and imagining how it will look "finished".

I did not know it was also called a "gossip" bench, but it makes sense when you consider how the telephone was seen as a great "gossip" tool :)