Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crazy Busy: Week 38

Last Sunday we went back to the Covered Bridge Festival after early church, sold nothing but talked to more people, purchased a few goods we had been eying, said goodbye to fellow vendors, packed up our left over wares, and took down the tent. By the time we drove out, the sun was setting!

Back home and online again, I found a very moving message from a young friend in Basque Country.
All week long I had been listening to programs remembering 9/11, building up to the 10th anniversary ceremony. I was touched by the stories of individuals, far and wide, affected by the events of that day. Most began by reminiscing as to where they were when they heard of the tragedy.
This is Irati's quote:
I know that this day is different for all Americans, a sad day and one of homage, a day never to be forgotten. I, obviously did not live this in my own flesh, at the time I was only six years old...however, I remember it perfectly, all that happened as I saw it live on television, and how my mother wept out of anger and helplessness and my father kept telling me to turn off the TV...that it would make us have a miserable day...and so it was, a day when the world shuddered, wept and wailed.

As a six year old, I watched my mother cry and I began to cry although I didn't know exactly what was going on, yet I knew it was something bad. Then came 3/11, as I was older I understood more of what was going on. I realized then that 9/11 had been the worst attack in history, although 3/11 also hurt very much.

Today, at 3:30 pm, Spanish time, I have just watched those images of the World Trade Center again. I must admit I cried out of anger and helplessness, like my mother wept 10 years ago, but this time with feeling and understanding.

I AM SO VERY SORRY, how a nation and magnificent people have caused you so much harm unjustly and I know that many died heroes and others accidentally, unwilling victims.

I am sorry.

The events of that day impacted the whole world.

Our week was crazy busy, especially for Mike. He is installing the heating system at the house, working some evenings as well. Monday night he was not able to go with me to the meal at 'Chef' and Karen's--one of our favorite times of fellowship. He missed the wonderful fruit pies too.

Enough peach pie for seconds?
I asked my son if we were allowed to have a second piece. He was amused by the role reversal.

Mike also continues mentoring the robotics team once a week, Tuesday evenings, and teaching ceramics at the Red Barn three times.

Oh, and he is also very intentional about exercising regularly--jogging, bicycling, playing racket ball, whatever schedule and weather allow.

My painting instructor had her eye on a particular saggar-fired pot she saw at the festival, so we bartered, it will pay two lessons for me!

Work on our house progresses nicely. The windows are in. The larger one in the loft, very difficult to install, is where my desk will be!

Three months since the house fire and I have finally finished cleaning the filthy rescued items we had here in the garage. Mike was then able to organize the stored furniture and things and move one of the cars in, and at last, the floor and counters in the kitchen are clear.

Enough produce for the big weekend?
Notice the radio on the counter, my constant companion all those hours spent over the sink, mostly listening to Moody Radio.
I do believe that sorting and organizing our 'stuff' will take me as long to accomplish as it will to rebuild the house--a race to the finish.

My attempt at sorting family photos
Saturday we picked up the three younger grandsons to give their mother, Kristie, a day off for her birthday. We met other family members at the Hoosier Outdoor Experience, a great time of exploring all kinds of activities. It was a beautiful sunny day.

This little one ran himself and everyone else ragged. The others did not lag far behind. Great way to guarantee a quiet ride back home and a good night's sleep!

We took beaucoup photos but these will suffice for now (more later on Facebook).

And now I'm off to prepare food for our family birthday gathering later today (before the boys wake up!).


sara said...

wow the house is really coming along!!!

guess what? Jared has decided that anderson universtiy is his 1st choice!! I may be seeing you soon as he will have to come up for an audition!!! :)


The house is really coming along. Your pictures are so full of life and I love that.

The Bug said...

Just reading about Mike's week makes me exhausted! It sounds like both of you are working hard to get ready to move back into your home.

I would like a piece of peach pie :)

Oldfangled said...

Irati's comments are very touching. Thank you for sharing them.

Kim said...

So much progress on all fronts!

Susan said...

Oh my you have soooo motivated me to get back into the project365. I'm failing miserably in it. I have so many photo ops but never seem to pull out the gadget to snap the shot. But, I'm amazed at your blog. Had to follow it too, I can't stop smiling, it's such a happy blog! :-)