Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some of Leah's cards and expressions of love
As I reflect over this week, the word treasures comes to mind. I'm not totally sure why. Perhaps because I feel like I am reviewing my whole life as I sort through many files, papers, letters, photos and items from the past. I am forced to ask over and over, "What is really important?"
We value each member of our family so very much. That is why we still try to celebrate birthdays together even though it is becoming more difficult.

Sunday, we celebrated two birthdays: Diane's (9/11) and Kristie's (9/17). We took an ice cream cake to Diane's and then came back for gluten-free fare to celebrate Kristie.

Monday, among the file folders I cleaned out, I uncovered Leah's adoption and name change documents, intact. They are all in German and very interesting, from what I could understand. It was most serendipitous to discover her birth mom's birth date on the very day of her 56th birthday. How I wish we could contact her, thank her and tell her about the child she gave life to.

I have also found so many loving and grateful notes from that daughter God placed in our family. I treasure them indeed, and admire her art work too.

We so value the times with the group that shows up at Monday Meals, and appreciate the food too!

Shrimp Alfredo Fetuccini
Stephan acquired the shrimp when he went to tear down one of his ice setups at a big event, an elaborate two-tiered display tray, and there were 25 lbs left. The caterers could not take it, so he did!

Mashed Potato Donuts
Progress on the house reconstruction this week included: continued work on the deck, some changes, replacements, and additions (spindles too far apart according to new regulations); various stages of plumbing; delivery of the boiler (the newer model is smaller and more efficient); heating and A/C (Mike and Jimmy worked till midnight a few times).

Three and a half hours of wood burning will heat up the water tank.

Ceramics at the Red Barn has not slowed down, on the contrary. One day Leah was there to help her Dad with the kids and contribute her innate artistic sense.

All four wheels in use!
I was glad to get away with Mike and another couple Friday evening. We went to the Ducktail Run in the nearby town, yet another festival with good food, vendors and lots and lots of old cars!
We wandered into Jonesboro, the adjoining town, and lined up on Main Street there were all kinds of fancy motorcycles, yet another world of motors.
I do not know much about either one, nor am I interested, but time with friends is always a gift.
The only photo-worthy moment, in my opinion, was the statue of Garfield as fireman, a reminder that Jonesboro had the first volunteer fire department in Grand County.

Stephan has been out twice this week carving the old oak stump.

The final sculpture will represent the abundant blessings of our lifetime.

I have been hearing so much lately about Ann Voskamp's one thousand gifts blog, book, and the dare to live fully right where you are.
So, what do you treasure? Let's encourage one another as we value the big and small gifts of every day life.


sara said...

what a wonderful week.

I love Ann Voskamp's book and enjoyed seeing her at She Speaks this summer. Can you imagine my shock and thrill when I opened an email today that said that Ann Voskamp was following my pin boards on Pinterest?!! wow!!

I treasure friendship! And the relationships that I have made through this funny thing called blogging!!!

Oldfangled said...

You are indeed very blessed. (I am, too!) (Also, you should tag Stephan in this post.)

stephan said...

i consider myself tagged!

The Bug said...

I can't wait to see the final sculpture. I'm really enjoying your contemplations as you reconstruct your home - it makes me think about what's important in my own home.

Kim said...

Your post calls to mind the time before we moved to Argentina, when I had to go through everything we owned and decide what was really important... I think I might have made different choices if I'd known then what I know now. It's fun to be reminded of things from the past; makes us thankful for what God has done.

It's also fun to look to the future, and see how the house is progressing!