Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome 2013!

 Kayla was over Sunday to fill out an application online. Then she decided to go back home and bring back her "baby" to run in the snow.
Kayla trying to persuade Lily to go sledding with her.
Is Lily happy about playing in the snow?

Lily: "I wanna go back in."
Monday, the last day of 2012 was quiet and peaceful. We left at 8:30 pm to begin preparations for the Ball drop. Mike and Team 1720 had reprogrammed and improved it and hopefully it would perform as planned.

Ready to go?

Unpredictable things happen every time. I was getting nervous as the appointed time was approaching and they guys were still working on the Ball.

However, the 2013 New Year's Eve Ball did light up, rotate, show off multicolor blinking patterns and come down with the accompanying countdown, music and hoopla.

The Star Press did a good job of covering the event in their photo gallery--New Year's Eve. (See if you can find our daughter in the album.) For even more excitement you can view the team's own You Tube video--Muncie Robotics New Year's Eve Ball Drop.

Leah posing near the Ball
Brother getting a picture of his glowing sis

So the year was off to a good start till I went to write in my new journal and discovered that though the cover said 2013, the calendar inside was for 2012. Oops! Whose error was that? Blurb's or mine, when I designed and ordered the weekly planner? Anyway, I spent a great deal of time at the computer this week to replace the misprinted planner, put together the first weekly edition of Missionary Moments for the year, and edit and order Meemaw Moments 2012 from Blog2Print.

Wednesday we ventured out to the bank. The roads were somewhat better. I tried to capture the beauty of the ice-laden trees and brush, without much success.

However, I did catch the cardinal pair out the kitchen window. Can you see them?

Mike has spent countless hours the last couple weeks assembling and calibrating a 3-D printer for the robotics team to make parts and prototypes.

Saturday, January 5, was the Kickoff. The new game, Ultimate Ascent, was revealed and the six-week build-season has begun!  Can you picture robots playing frisbee?  That has Mentor Mike thinking... 

He definitely needs my support and prayer in these weeks of intense focus and much work. And his cough lingers.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love all the snow shots, but seeing pictures of it is never the same as experiencing it, both the good and the bad aspects of it! I like looking at it just not getting out in it!


The Bug said...

So glad the ball drop was a success! And I DO see both cardinals - lovely picture. Good luck to Mike (& you) in the coming weeks :)