Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Week 4: Out and About

Four out of seven days were spent mostly away from home and this house looks like it too.

Sunday evening, however, we relaxed and played chess.
For Christmas Sam made his dad a beautiful board and it is now always on display.
I asked Mike to teach me. He agreed, but may have been sorry a couple times.

Monday was the long awaited Mother-Daughter Sew Biz class. However, Leah's glasses broke so I went alone. I had forgotten that I was to do some homework before the class. And, as often happens, life was busy enough that I didn't even open the serger Mike got me a year ago until that morning! Even so, everything went well and I accomplished the task for that session--a table runner and napkins. I am very happy with this tool which the teacher called "the microwave of sewing,." and look forward to teaching Leah everything I learned.

The rest of the week was rearranged somewhat to be able to help Sam's family when their little ones came down with RSV.  I had never heard of this disease. Anyway, baby Jude was hospitalized.
I spent Tuesday with Zion and the older boys when they came home from school.

Wednesday, Sam hung out with Zion.
Kristie was disappointed to learn that baby was not well enough yet for them to go home. This was the Instagram pic she posted on Facebook.

Baby Jude is a good sport

Thursday Zion was feeling much better and we had a good time together.

Mom and baby came home in the afternoon! Another Instagram pic. Thanks, Kristie!

Jude and Pappi

Meanwhile, Michael remains intensely busy every day and most evenings is mentoring the robotics team also.

Photo thanks to Team 1720

Friday is his day off. We were invited to Leah's for chocolate fondue.
We got to see her latest cheerful touches to brighten the kitchen.

Saturday was a special Elijah-Grandma day to celebrate his 8th birthday, Sunday the 27th.
We began a tour of Garfield statues in the area--five down, twenty to go. It may take till next birthday to complete the series.
Here's one example:

Looking cool by the Cool Cat in front of the James Dean Museum

After a Happy Birthday sundae at Ivanhoe's, we came home and Elijah had fun playing in the snow.

Earlier in the week a small herd of deer were playing in the falling snow.


semperfi said...

love the chess board. Glad baby Jude is back home.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the different colors in the kitchen...very retro!


Love the statue idea, hope you get all 27...27 statues of Garfield is kinda cool too!


Angie said...

The chess board is beautiful! My Katie is taking a chess class, but so far she hasn't tried to get me to play.

Fun sewing project. I enjoy relaxing at the sewing machine.

Enjoyed seeing your week!

The Bug said...

Love that table runner - very Monet. And Leah's kitchen colors are great! Glad everyone is feeling better...


Love the runner and the bright kitchen. They both look so happy.