Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Week 5: Birthday Bookends

The week was bookended by two family birthday celebrations. The anniversary between the two was minimally acknowledged, a bigger celebration to come later. Michael continues to work every day, intensely focused on building the robot and remodeling Sam's 'new' house.

Sunday, January 27th
Happy 8th Birthday, Elijah!
Glorious Sunset
This week's photo challenge--the color red. (See TLMacdonald Photography) I went down to the Klaytivity display area and chose this set of Mike's ceramic creations.

Opposites Attract

Wednesday after tap class, Kayla and I both walked over to the Red Barn next door to see what Grandpa Mike was up to.

 I think he was happy to see us.

Thursday, our 43rd anniversary was briefly acknowledged before Mike left to work with Sam.

French Toast Breakfast
I enjoyed watching the snow as I wrote the weekly report.

In the evening the water aerobics ladies went out to eat so I joined them this time, grateful for any opportunity not to eat by myself. Afterwards some were going to a jamberry nails party. I went along.

Crooked fingers, but look at those nails!

Michael meanwhile, busy at robotics...

That's how we spent our anniversary. Don't worry, we have a special trip planned after robot-bagging day two weeks from now!

Friday a dear friend, who lost her husband this week, asked me to drive her around on a couple of errands. We had a good day together, like old times.

While at the mall we stumbled across a very special shop, Hearts4Africa, drawn by the anti-trafficking messages as well as the attractive wares from other countries.

We met the dynamic owner, Rhonda, who travels and speaks on behalf of the 27,000,000 enslaved in the world today. Statistics and stories are appalling and remain mostly unreported--hidden crimes.

Saturday the plan was to celebrate Leah's 40th birthday with a ladies tea at Aunt Sue's Tea Room, home of yet another Garfield statue!

Happy Birthday, Leah!

Those of us who were able to make it had a lovely time.

Later, a special little guy stopped by with his daddy to brighten our party!

Just a note about the poor quality of the photos: I noticed in the last few weeks that my camera has a damaged lens and photos are hazy in the center, so I've been using my cell phone mostly for now. However, I'm not happy with these images either.


Kim said...

The birthday tea looks like it was fun!
Can't wait to hear where your special anniversary trip will take you :)
Have a wonderful week, and stay warm!

Skoots1moM said...

great pics...
loving that snowy sunset
what a precious baby!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week! Love the nails!

Happy anniversary, loved the heart shaped french toast! Very romantic.


momma frans said...

Happy anniversary! I lover hoses red pieces; they're beautiful.

The Bug said...

Ooh I have some of my grandmother's old hats that would be PERFECT for that tea party. You guys looked great!

Happy anniversary to you too! I love your nails :)

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

I'd love to highlight your blog as a Featured Indiana Blogger. If you are interested, please send me an email, and I'll send over a few questions.

It's just a way for Hoosiers to discover other Indiana bloggers. I think it's fun. :)

Jessica Nunemaker