Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Week 7: Love, Life, and Letting Go

Happy Valentine's Day (ice sculpture by Stephan)
The theme of Valentine week: LOVE. I heard it talked about on the radio, on TV. All Verses of the Day were about love. The greatest example of all history is that of Jesus who laid down His life for us.

Sunday afternoon I went up to be with my mother and see for myself how Dad was doing. His body is shutting down. He barely eats or drinks and sleeps most of the time. Mother is an example of a devoted wife and is having to slowly let go of the many ways they shared life together. She cannot even feed him anymore. We decided to look into hospice services.

I found a poem I wrote six years ago and realized how long Dad has been leaving us. You can read it here.

Mike has been going in early and coming home late almost everyday, typical of the last week before bagging the robot.

(Thanks Team 1720 for the photos)
I was gone again Tuesday overnight. Wednesday morning we met with the hospice people to sign papers and learn about the program. I think we will appreciate their added support as we prepare for the end.

While there I reconnected with a college classmate after 46 years! We had a delightful conversation over lunch.

Thursday evening daughter Leah invited me over for a Valentine supper. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. I am still enjoying the roses Jimmy gave each of us ladies.

Mother keeps me updated on Dad's condition. We prepare as best we know for the final goodbye on this earth, which will really be an Hasta luego (See ya later). While he lingers, life goes on.We continue with our previous plans until the time comes.

Friday evening Mike made a special effort to come home in time to go see the Taylor Theater performance of Godspell. That was very special.

This evening, Saturday, I went on my own to the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra's Valentines Ball invited by friends to sit with them at table #1. The first hour included special desserts from Payne's restaurant and music from Les Mis by the Indiana Wesleyan Chorale. Excellent!

And now I should probably get back to packing. We are going ahead with travel plans to Arizona, leaving tomorrow!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Difficult times ahead for you and your mom, taking care of a loved one in their final days is never an easy task. I hope you find just the right services for your day, getting the right fit in hospice is very important.


momma frans said...

oh, i'm so sorry to hear about your dad. at least you know its "hasta luego" as you said.

The Bug said...

I'm glad your mother will have Hospice helping her - they do a great job of taking stress off of loved ones so they can just be there for the one who needs the care.

I love your weekend activities - I would have enjoyed hearing the choir!