Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Week 6: Birthdays, Memorials and In-Between

Last Sunday afternoon, while Mike was again working with the robotics team, I was so grateful for the added showing of one of the student directed plays at Taylor. As I walked out of the small theater I captured this meaningful scene: the building where I used to work, my old office window in the center; the statues of Samuel Morris in the foreground; the new Euler science building on the right.

Shortly after I got back home, family members began to arrive to celebrate together Leah's 40th birthday on the 4th. Lots of love felt...

...and the obligatory Koch birthday song.

Mike did make it back for the celebration. The Super Bowl was on too, but were we watching? I found this photo on my camera. Someone must have been playing with it.

When we woke up, game and party were over. What happened, I thought I was knitting.

Monday at Stephan's, after the meal, father and son put their heads together for the design of the ice sculpture for the Long John Jamboree in Yellowknife, North West Territory, Canada. (In the promotional video, you can see Stephan at 1'37" and 1'41" and their prize winning sculpture from last year at 1'43".)

Notice the three elephants used for inspiration. Stay tuned for the final concept and sculpture coming in March.

Tuesday I got to see the house father and other son, Sam, are working on. It is torn up as much as it will be, preparing for better things to come!

I looked around, took pictures, dropped off the parts delivered that morning. Errand completed I went across the street for a quick visit with the littlest grandkids, so grateful to see them healthy and happy now!

Jude was playing with his toys and watching Diego and Dora out of the corner of his eye. :-)

I borrowed a photo from Team 1720 that represents the many long hours and days Mike spends designing and guiding the coming together of this year's robot. Only a week left and still issues...

For the TLMacdonald Photography challenge of the week, "These are a few of my favorite things", I had a difficult time narrowing down my choices, but finally settled on my 2013 journal because it represents so many things I cherish. I select a representative photo for the cover, a family photo for the back and a favorite picture for each month, then order it through Blurb. I so enjoy the quiet hour in bed every morning writing about the day before, planning the day ahead, meditating on a verse of Scripture and praying over the family members.

Many special photos this week do not belong in this blog, surrounding a very special event--the memorial for a colleague, my friend's husband.
One more for this post--the annual photo taken around the time of our anniversary, this time at the Taylor Sounds Valentine banquet this evening. Wonderful music, great friends, and good food, and best of all being there with my beloved.

Another very full week is over and we know not what the next will bring. Every day Mother calls to update me on Dad's condition. He seems to be failing fast. We wait for God's perfect timing.


momma frans said...

love the journal you made. what a great idea!
i really like that first picture you took on campus. it really is a beautiful shot.
the last picture is sweet, too. happy anniversary.
sorry to hear your dads health isnt improving. praying with you for Gods will and timing.

Kim said...

I'm really glad you're doing P365! It's so nice to sit down each week and see what you've been doing.
Had to giggle at the picture of you and Mike sleeping through the party -- that's the problem when you stop long enough to sit down :)
Praying as you head to WL, for wisdom in knowing how to help. I know just being there will be an encouragement to mom.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I thought that's what a football game was for....sleeping through!

Great week, can't wait to see the ice sculpture!


Lhoyt said...

I actually liked the last picture best (the one of the two of you awake). The one of you sleeping through the Super Bowl looks too much like us, if we had even attempted to watch the game.

The Bug said...

The sleeping picture is great - but yes the last one is best. I really really feel a strong need to hear the birthday song. When is the next celebration - I might have to crash the party :)

I love your journal. I ordered one for myself this year - not a personalized one, just a little book to write in. I will have to check out blurb for next year.


Love the Super Bowl picture....that was too funny. My favorite was the one of you two towards the end. I keep a journal and have for a long time. Some of my best inspiration comes from that.