Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Week 12: Quiet and Cold

Sunday afternoon parents and baby brother came to pick up the two who had spent the night. 
They couldn't resist a little chess distraction.

Monday the ice carvers were making their way back from far away Yellowknife. 
As they had access to the internet, images of their creation began to appear on Facebook.

The Elephant Pupeteer
Tuesday around 4:00 a.m., Mike finally made it back home. That was the good news! 
The bad news--my computer was 'hosed', as he put it. 
He spent hours bringing it back to life. Now that is an act of love!

The photo challenge for the week was something blue. I chose some of Mike's blue creations.

Klaytivity Blues

It didn't take the ceramicist long before he was back at it! 
Looks like he's teaching the boys to make clay faces/heads.

Wednesday at the Red Barn
I was back on the computer Thursday trying to meet a writing deadline. Looking out the window I kept seeing a woman jogging up and down our lane, a very disciplined person out in the cold. 

Friday I got to hold my nietito precioso again before they took off on their family spring break trip.

Baby Jude (5 months)
This morning when I was out and about I saw a flock of turkey vultures airing or drying their wings. 

It is a beautifully sunny day, tho' it has been an unseasonably cold week. I hear we can expect more snow.
I hope all the spring-breakers have good weather and refreshing experiences.


The Bug said...

Baby Jude is so cute - I could just squish him :)

Love the ice sculpture - very creative. And I love love love that blue pottery - gorgeous!

Karen Kay said...

Your photos are lovely...precious family...amazing ice sculpture. I know you are very proud of Sam.The new blue pottery...never an idle moment for your hubby.

Thanks for sharing Rita...

love, kk

Kim said...

I had a hard time seeing the jogger (viewing this on my iPhone) but Ivan picked her right out.

Lovely pottery, and fun seeing Mike pass on what he's learned to the younger generation.

Jude is such a cutie! He has the most pinch-able cheeks :)

Stay warm!


Jude is precious. Just makes you want to pinch his little cheeks. The ice sculpture was amazing.