Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013 Week 9: Memorable Memorial

Sunday morning Mother got her wish--all her children gathered  in her church. The latest arrivals came all the way from Argentina! This was minutes before the service. We all got up to hug them.
Others were from Colorado and South Carolina.
The viewing was in the afternoon. We cried when we saw how good Dad looked and how peaceful.
Mother looked queenly as she waited. There was a steady stream of visitors for four hours, and many hugs, and heartfelt words.

The service Monday morning was emotional and beautiful. Each of us siblings prepared something to share. I stumblingly made it through mine. The pastor had warned us and put us at ease about foibles and things that could happen. I said my piece out of order, but it turned out to flow better that way. One brother sang a solo, and all four a quartet. I accompanied them. My feet were shaking noticeably, fortunately my hands weren't. We all messed up on the quartet, but got over it with a bit of humor.

It was a beautiful sunny day for the burial.

Rose from the casket spray
The church people were wonderful. They prepared a great meal for us so we could enjoy a lingering time of fellowship with relatives and friends from afar.

Mike and I came back home later that day. I am so grateful that Mother has had family with her all week. Ivan and Kim (Just a Southern Girl) are still there.

Beautiful expressions of love have been coming in all week cards, plants, flowers and an ongoing flow of Facebook messages, especially from Argentina.

Meanwhile in Alaska, Stephan was competing in Fairbanks at Ice Alaska's World Ice Art Championships 2013. They had 60 hours over three days, Tuesday through Thursday. Forty-seven teams from as far away as China produced amazing ice creations. Here is Stephan and Jess Parrish's sculpture.

Blue Ballet
I've rested and reflected a lot this week and begun to get back into a routine.
However, tomorrow we leave for five days away.


momma frans said...

Thank you for linking this entry up as well. That ice sculpture is amazing!
Have a restful week!

sara said...

Praying for your mama today has she adjusts to life without her love. Looks like she was surrounded by lots of love!

That ice sculpture is really amazing!

The Bug said...

I love that all your mother's children were able to be there for the service - it sounds like a lovely send-off for your dad.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Loosing a loved one is never easy, but I am thankful that you had lots of family around to celebrate your Dad's homegoing.