Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Week 26: En breve...

Continuing last week's entry and briefly summarizing week 26:

On my way out of town I visited with SIL Sharon and their unruly Rilla! I was blessed to go for a walk (or was it a run?) with them through the neighborhood.

Rilla, unusually sedate
Rilla started obedience school this week :-). Sharon has surgery tomorrow :-(.

Monday - Wednesday
Enjoying the assortment of wildflowers, some gardening, watering the neighbors' plants...

...and the quiet days to completely recover, process our European experience, and write.

I did not go on the planned family + camping trip. As it turned out only four of our family went and there were six others who joined them, friends who have become close to us through Stephan's Monday Night Meals. They had a good time, but said it would have been better had I been there. (Nice to feel needed ;-)

A fun day with granddaughter Kayla at her Ball State University orientation for transfer students.

Mike was back home when I arrived in the afternoon. :-)

The highlight was a surprise retirement celebration breakfast for my dear friend Jane.

Errands and events...
Enjoyed a couple of the gardens included in the local garden club tour.

Love Endures Forever
Of the 300+ varieties of lilies, I think this may have been my favorite, may be its name.

In the evening we had a small dinner with Matt and Kayla to celebrate his June birthday, belatedly, as we were out of the country.

That was our week en breve.


Kim said...

That's a great photo of Sharon!

Glad you've had a (bit) quieter week to recover from the trip and the infection. Trust you're feeling much better by now.

The Bug said...

That lily is really lovely! I hope Sharon's surgery went well...

I'm glad you had some time to recuperate - and it IS nice to be missed, isn't it?