Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Week 44

Fall beauty lingers, lovely weather for walks. However, wintry chill is creeping in. We had our first hard frost this week.

On one of those walks I came on the fallen giant from different sides.

Can you see a corner of the house?

Tuesday was Open House for the robotics team, another of many weekly robotics meetings, until build season begins in January.

When my older student walked into my Spanish class, we realized both of us wore Kohl's specials.

Mike has been busy glazing the many new functional pieces getting ready for the craft fair Saturday.

When that was over he went back to repairing the damaged parts of his latest sculpture.
Always watching something of interest on TV. Here he looks up to savor the end of the World Series.

For Thursday's cultural focus on Mexico, I wore the beautiful Mayan terno or huipil, a most generous hand-made gift, cross-stitched by a lovely lady I met
The students also enjoyed the photo album of my travels in Yucat√°n with student groups.

Being Halloween week, I didn't feel as conspicuous walking around in costume.

Friday, October 31st

Our Halloween baby

Both Friday and Saturday, I attended a writer's conference--had a good time with fellow writers, learned a lot, was inspired, and came away with a growing sense of direction. However, I confess I felt like a "radish among redwoods," to quote a friend.

Sunday I represented Mike at the awards ceremony of the Grant County Art Association, and picked up his first place winning sculpture entitled "Abandon" (lower left).

Other good news for Michael is that his pain is lessening and endurance is increasing.

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The Bug said...

So glad Michael is feeling better! And congrats to him on his win!

I love your Mayan garment - beautiful!