Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Week 46: Love of Theatre

I just have to begin this post with a photo of Rebecca wearing the hoodie I knit for her. It is still a little big for her, but as her Mama said, "She just had to wear it." (Was it a weather or fashion-related choice? Her own idea or her mother's?) It is snowing after all!

Matt was away this week on an out-of-state job, so Kayla joined us at Monday meal and Rebecca made the rounds admired by all and had a special bonding time with Aunt Karen and Uncle Stephan. (I think they've decided to dispense with the Great qualifier.)

Tuesday, a day to remember our veterans. . . and friend Trisha's birthday with a Mexican dinner at Mi Pueblo.

For Wednesday Mike had planned a special outing for the two of us--dinner and theatre at Beef & Boards, where we saw Fiddler on the Roof  one of our favorites. We saw it first in German  and I remember listening to the sound track over and over.
Mike also arranged for us to spend the night in Indy so we wouldn't have to drive home so late.
Look at who welcomed us at the hotel?

That same day was The Amazing Taste event at Ball State University. Stephan outdid himself again with yet another ice creation for the occasion. Hmmm. . . I wonder how many years he's been hired to do this? You may remember last year's ice sculpture. One big difference this year is that it was carved in his new shop on his own land. Stephan has worked very hard  moving his entire operation, building a large freezer, and on and on. A couple weeks ago he gladly turned in the keys to the studio he leased for over six years!

This week the window of milder temps was rapidly closing so we hasted to complete any outdoor chores. I trimmed the rose bush and brought in the last roses of summer.

I just had to include this #tbt photo that surfaced on Facebook--Kristie's kindergarten graduation. What is significant is that the little boy in the background to her left, is Sam! We are so grateful that in God's sovereign plan and in His own time and way He brought them together for a beautiful lifetime partnership.

Friday we attended yet another theatre performance--Tartuffe at Taylor University.

Only six more weeks left in 2014 and time to reflect over the year, write a year-end letter, and decide whether to continue Meemaw Moments in 2015 or change my focus to Meemaw Memories, looking back over the many years that lay untouched, archived. What do you think?


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Why not both? Meemaw Moments AND Meemaw Memories :)

The Bug said...

I agree with Kim - although I understand not having the desire to maintain both...

Love that picture of Rebecca with her hoodie on - so cute!