Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Week 15: Windy and Windy

A windy week. Yes, we see many toppled trees. This one, where our drive meets the lane.

Also a windy (long i) week, meaning winding, with many curves and twists. That's life.

Doesn't seem to disturb the flowers popping out to surprise us, outdoors and indoors.

Nor has it deterred us from walking (me), biking or jogging (Mike).

I was crossing a foot bridge when a very infrequent train chugged by underneath, near the Red Barn.

Decision deadline was Monday: YES, Team 1720, The PhyXTGears, is going to World Championships!

Parents, students, and mentors stepped up to raise the necessary funds and had enough by that evening to say, "Yes, we WILL go." Many details are being worked out. As I write, Mike is headed three hours away to purchase a trailer to haul their equipment.

I noticed Thursday that it was National Sibling Day, so I dug up a photo from nearly 50 years ago--all five of us with Mother after a family dinner at a German restaurant when my brother Lynn and I visited Argentina during our summer break (winter there).

Friday night late, after a very full day and leading the fun Poetry evening at the Gray Barn, I scoured old photo albums and gathered all the photos of Carol and arranged them on a picture board.

Saturday we left around 7:00 a.m. and traveled to Winneconne, Wisconsin, for her Celebration of Life. We were just in time, even after taking a detour down "memory lane" revisiting the old haunts where Carol and Mike ventured together.
Three hours of interacting with so many friends and family members cannot be condensed into one paragraph. I took many pictures and heard so many stories. I plan to share all of that in a future post.

As a preview, and in honor of National Sibling Day this week, I will share two of my photos here.

From the many photos displayed, this was my favorite of Mike's three step sisters.

Nancy, Judy, and Carol
Their mother, Rose, passed away at age 70 in 1993. Only three younger sisters still live. 
I managed to get them together for a photo!  

Loretta, Sandra, Yvonne
We drove back home the very same day and crawled into our own bed around 2:00 a.m.
I've been in recovery mode ever since.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

No wonder you're still in recover mode! That's a long way to travel in one day, on top of the emotional aspect of the trip.

Excited for the robotics team!

The Bug said...

I'm excited for the robotics team too! I've already forgotten where the event is...

I'm glad you were able to go to the Celebration of Life & spend time with family. And I know they were all glad to have you there!