Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Week 16: Enjoying Spring

 Hundreds of daffodils/narcissus/jonquils exploded in our woods!

Other fragrant and wild varieties of spring blossoms are popping up everywhere.

Mike's intense focus this week has been the upcoming FIRST robotics world championship. Some 40 of us, including team members and parents and mentors, will be traveling in a double decker bus belonging to LightRider Ministries to St. Louis next Wednesday, April 22, and returning the 25th, late. There is so much planning and communicating involved, as well as the numerous practical details to work on.
Michael finally located the type and size trailer he'd been looking for in Southern Indiana and spent most of Monday traveling there to purchase and bring it back.

Tuesday the team will pack the equipment and decorate the trailer.

 A happy surprise in Monday's mail was the article about the festival four of us helped plan and organize. I was gone Saturday so was unable to attend and couldn't pick up a newspaper.

Mike was among the local artists who displayed some of their work during the festival. I stopped by Rob Allen Jewelers, one of the venues, to see what it looked like.

 Tuesday Leah and I had a few surprises when we went for the next dental procedure. First, the shocking news that our dentist had passed away two weeks before and we had not heard! We knew he had been hospitalized earlier this year but  thought he was on the mend. A couple other dentists covered for him in the interim.

The second shocker occurred during the extraction when two teeth instead of one came out firmly attached by a pocket of infection that remained intact. The dental assistant was amazed, she'd never seen anything like it.

Can you see how tightly Leah's hands are clasped? What you can't see is the shaking.

Thursday, I enjoyed watching Malachi do his thing on the track field.

I was invited to stop by Sam and Kristie's afterwards for dinner. I was excited to see them, it had been a while.
Jude was especially happy to see me. We had great fun playing together making all kinds of different animal noises.

An added pleasure was to visit with their two guests: Jason Barrows, a musician; and Aaron Hoch, who used to be a regular at Monday Night Meals until they moved away.

Friday evening was so beautiful. Micheal invited me for our first tandem ride of the season!

Stephan came over Saturday night for a game night. We had fun learning King's Corner, in honor of Carol.

Soon we will be off to World Championships! Follow the event online live here. Team 1720 plays on Newton field.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Poor Leah! One thing you don't want to hear from your dentist is, "Well, I've never seen anything like that before!" haha

Sooooooo much happening with the Kochs! I'm glad you're doing P365 because we'd never be able to keep up with you otherwise! How in the world would you condense all that you're doing into a catch-up visit every 2 years?! :)

The Bug said...

Pretty pretty flowers!

Oh man - poor Leah! I always shake like that too - I have no control over it. I also sing Amazing Grace in my head :)

Good luck & safe travels tomorrow!