Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Week 24: Change of Pace

Sunday we attended the last of several graduation open houses this season for PhyXTGears' team captain. Ryan proudly introduced his sweet 97 year-old grandmother to us.

We stopped by the shop on the way home to see Mike's "baby". The last few weeks he has been intensely focused on all things robotics, mostly to do with the new piece of equipment, a CNC machine with all its parts, programs, and problems. As the poster at the shop warns, beware of any phrase beginning with the word "Just. . ." Nothing is ever that simple.

The robot's accidental name is proving quite appropriate. It is once again "Not Yet" ready for next week's competition. After all they learned and observed at World's, the team came back eager and ready to improve their machine.

Not Yet in its current disassembled state
Mike has gone in to the shop in Muncie every day this week, and I'm a robotics-widow once again.

Tuesday I joined the walking group and caught the rapidly fading glory of the azalea garden.

During the 4 or 5K walk I felt a hint of a sore throat coming on. It worsened throughout the day. Even so I accepted Karen's invitation to dinner, Stephan was back from Maine and Karen's parents were still there. The food and conversation were great. And the sunset on the way home was beautiful.

However that night was horrible and Wednesday was worse. I did nothing, nada, zilch, nichts. I did not even want to open my eyes. No photos that day.

Some of my readers comment that we try to do too so much. Sickness has a way of rearranging one's schedule. We cancelled a dinner engagement, I didn't go to tap class, nor write the weekly report that day as usual.
We were reminded that it was the fourth anniversary of our house fire. The microwave repairman said he'd been here back then. He was driving one of the tankers.

Our young friend, Jared, arrived in the evening and immediately offered me some of his healing essential oils to build my immune system--Thieves. I did sleep much better that night and have been on the mend ever since.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny. I enjoyed the sunshine from the inside. They tell me it got quite warm outdoors, but I was not ready for the outside world yet.

Jared is staying here while he attends a couple of summer courses at Anderson University.
It's nice to have some company and break the monotony with a game or two when Mike is gone so much. Can you tell which game we played?

For lack of a Rebecca-sighting this week I had to borrow a photo Matt posted on Facebook.
(Is she sticking out her tongue at Daddy?)

Today, Saturday, I ventured out to the Strawberry Festival. Look who was serving at the strawberry shortcake tent? Dane remembered four years ago, the day after the house fire, when he brought out tenderloin sandwiches and strawberry shortcakes for all to enjoy.

Dear friends, Dane and Laurie. (Sorry, Laurie, I caught you with eyes closed.)
So it's been a slower week for me and Michael keeps plodding on, pacing himself, being careful, and thankfully has not experienced the same level or frequency of pain as last week.


The Bug said...

Sorry you were sick - but I'm glad you're feeling better. That Rebecca sticking her tongue out - ha!

sara said...

Keep up the Thieves!!!! Let Jared set up the diffuser in your living room with it!!

With all the change going on in my family I am so blessed to know that jared is in your home! Keeps me from worrying so much! :)