Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 Week 23: Various Summer Scenarios

As of this week school ended for everyone in the family.
Well, except Stephan who traveled to Maine last Sunday to attend the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building. We expect his next building project, sometime in the future, to be quite a bit more sophisticated than the cute outhouse.

Monday, Karen had an emergency--no water--and imagined herself using the outhouse for a week! However, Mike and crew--Skye and his friend--came to the rescue and replaced the well water pump.

Stephan and Karen's 15th anniversary snuck up on them this week also on June 3rd.

Shutterfly photo album
Their wedding albums had become somewhat damaged by dampness and water, so last year I scanned all the photos and made a digital scrapbook.

My good friend Patryce, who for fifteen years managed The Loft Inn Bed & Breakfast, loves to entertain so she invited some of her closest friends to a very special tea, Tuesday afternoon. The excuse was to celebrate May birthdays, and for two retired teachers to reconnect.
We toured her former B & B and stopped to read one of the many articles published over the years. Patryce was aptly described as a Patrician Midwestern Princess. The afternoon was full of  surprises beyond the lovely "tea"--a beautiful poem recitation and a cello concert. Most of all we enjoyed meeting new friends.

Grace Park is a delightful young woman from South Korea and a very accomplished cellist.

We asked her what had surprised or impressed her about our culture when she first came to America. Among other things she said that our common greeting "How are you?" seemed too personal until she realized it is similar to their own, "Have you eaten?" or "Did you have breakfast/lunch?" There is no expectation of a meaningful response. Grace explained that it was an expression of concern for the other's well-being dating from times when food was scarce.

Kristie had the opportunity to travel to Florida with her sister for a week. She left Wednesday.
As a family we pitched in to cover for her on the home front.

Elijah spent three days with us and joined in the annual Fun in the Sun program at our church the first week of summer break. His first day was "Mud Day", the second "Food Day." He volunteered from his team to be covered in shaving cream and attacked with cheese balls. His team won that one.

Thursday I picked up the little guys for a few hours of fun. They enjoyed the Upland school play ground and a picnic lunch at Taylor Lake where we got to see Elijah in the crowd of Fun in the Sun kids.

Super babysitter Malachi was able to have a few hours to himself and was just coming back from a bike ride when we drove in.

One evening we watched a good movie, McFarland, the true story of a cross country team in California that had a long winning streak that totally transformed their community.
Elijah also got to play at the Red Barn while grandpa was helping kids in the pottery studio.

Friday we had overnight guests, a friend who is preparing to work with an orphan care ministry in Tanzania--Mavuno Village. Bethany came with her cousin to present her work at dessert evening.

Saturday we wrapped up our full week with a fun birthday celebration for grandson-in-law Matt. He had felt left out from the time he married into our family. The first year our house fire was on that very day. The following years we were out of the country, in Spain. At last a proper Koch party!
His brother's family joined us which made up for our two families who couldn't make it.

Last but not least, a Rebecca pic!

Note: when Nanna Leah is around, there is little chance that you will get to hold Rebecca!

A note about Mike: in spite of a steroid shot this week, he has had bouts of pain every day which limit his mobility.

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The Bug said...

How interesting about the Korean greeting!

I'm glad got his Koch party. I might have to arrange to have one next March. Heh.

Love that Rebecca - so so cute!