Sunday, May 31, 2015

2015 Week 22: Endings and Beginnings

The view from my writing area is totally filled in. For a few weeks now I haven't been able to see the neighbors, nor do I have to close the shutters to block the glare of the sunset. The hummingbirds are my new entertainment, but impossible to capture photographically. Here is my one successful attempt.

Sunday we had our joint birthday celebration at Sam and Kristie's. I had made Mike's favorite, a blitz torte. 

 Monday we had a lovely picnic supper at Taylor Lake.

Tuesday, was Mike's birthday. He finally caught up with me!

I came across this photo from our early days. I don't know where or what (maybe he can enlighten us), but I see he is wearing the cardigan I knit for him when we were engaged and gave to him when we were married!

This week he has been as busy as during robot build-season. A large corporation gave the team money for a CNC machine. Mike had to order it, study all about it (hours and hours sitting at the computer), build a stand, buy parts, and prepare for its delivery Monday! He has spent almost every day at the shop.
His to-do list/s are impressive! Even so, he found/made time earlier this week to finish a loooong standing project--the "new" neighbors names for the post at the top of the lane.

Michael has had several pain episodes this week, however, it is no longer a mystery. He went to the orthopedic center Wednesday and the diagnosis is bursitis. He has exercises to do and knows better what not to do.

Summer schedule has begun! A couple exercise opportunities ended, so I decided to join the new walking group Thursday at 8:00 AM. We walked and talked for over an hour and then had breakfast at the new cafe in town.

Was it the walk or the long hours at the computer that led me to take a nap?

In order to teach in the Fall at Ivy Tech I am required to pass a Blackboard course for instructors. I had till the 30th, Saturday, to complete four sessions.

Of course, this weekly post would not be complete without a Rebecca sighting, so here is one from last Sunday.

Enjoy your new week!

P.S.: So, here's what Mike said: "I was making passport photos at one of the conferences. It's an enlarger of negatives."

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The Bug said...

I love that picture of you two from Monday - sweethearts! And I love that Rebecca :)