Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 Week 21: Birthday Week

The beautiful spring season has its temperature ups and downs and the flowers that bloom and fade away.
As birthdays come and go, we are ever more aware of the aspects of life that slip away with each passing year.

Thanks to a student who opened a Facebook account for me years ago, I was flooded with loving birthday messages that brightened an otherwise ordinary day.
After a board meeting at church that evening, we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow.

And when I arrived home, Michael surprised me with an ice cream cake which continues to sweeten our days. Such richness can only be handled in small increments.

Tuesday, I visited Mother and attended a ladies' tea for the residents of Grace Village. The special speaker spoke of the life of Ruth Bell Graham, an amazing woman. Sadly, my mother and her good friend (we called her "Aunt Margaret" when we were growing up in Argentina) could only hear half of it. Both are in their nineties. I wonder how many other white-haired ladies were unable to follow the talk. I certainly enjoyed the fascinating and inspirational presentation.

I set aside Wednesdays for a weekly writing commitment, but at noon we take off for the senior center to enjoy a good meal and fun people. We don't usually stay for the entertainment. This time, however, they gave us each a little wooden car and insisted we stay for the Senior 500. Wouldn't ya know my little car won! Was it birthday luck or because of the name--"Life is a Bowl of Cherries"? Once again an appearance in the town paper (smile).

I had more fun later at my weekly tap class because little Rebecca was our distracting entertaining spectator.

Thursday we met traveling friends for breakfast. They played a very significant role in our lives, work, and move to Upland more than thirty years ago.

Bob & Linda Craton, Kochs, John & Elvida Kastelein
Bob added the following description on Facebook:
Reunion of some of the group that was responsible for the initial computerization of Operation Mobilization. John Kastelein was the Director of IT and the Director of the Computer Assistance Program at Taylor University. John provided expertise, inspiration, and support. Mike Koch installed the first computer system on the ship Doulos. Mike built key hardware components of the Doulos system that were not available or affordable commercially. I installed the first systems in the OM USA and OM UK offices. With the help of Taylor faculty, staff and students, I designed and prototyped the OM Standard Software that was eventually used in more the 60 OM offices worldwide. Our wives Elvida Kastelein, Rita Koch, and Linda were our key supporters.
Immediately after, I was on baby-sitting duty. The plan was to take them to the park in the neighboring town to see the animals in the mini zoo. Despite the interesting variety--llamas, emus, peacocks, turkeys, pygmy goats, pot-bellied pigs, geese, strange looking hens--the little guys did not linger there.

 I was quickly rushed off to one of the playgrounds. . .

. . . and then on to the next one

It was a cold day, so after a quick lunch in one of the shelters, I was happy to get in the car and drive them home for a nap and to wait for mom to get back from Indy.

 Just one more photo, borrowed from Facebook, to prove that the weekend was warmer and Rebecca got to estrenar (try out for the first time) her new swimsuit.

Can you believe such cuteness?

I think I'll borrow another photo to show off one of son Stephan's sculptures for Indy 500 festivities.

I will save many more weekend pics for next week. 


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Glad you had a fun "birthday week" :)

Just loved the photo of mom and Auntie Margaret!

It's lovely how you get to see old friends and co-workers periodically. I'm sure so many memories were shared during that meal together.

That looks like some very fun playground equipment.

Stephan always does amazing work!

sara said...

looks like a great birthday week!!! and to win at "the races" on your birthday...bonus!!

The Bug said...

What a sweet cake from your sweetheart - I was smiling at the initials "carved" in it :)

Love that Rebecca - so cute!