Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Week 20: Plodding

 Twas a  more tranquil week of keeping on keeping on, much as my turtle collection reminds me to do. Here's my latest little tortoise, crafted by daughter Leah. The place mat is for spatial reference and its message speaks of how faithful plodding is interspersed with moments of happiness, love, and joy.

Sunday evening we had a beautiful tandem ride to a favorite eatery nearby, only four miles away. While we were there, a family of good friends also arrived at Payne's Custard and Coffee Shop.
They recently brought back a second adoptee from China to complete their family of seven.

By the time we rode back home, Mike's leg pain had returned and was quite severe. I don't foresee us bicycling again until we have some answers to this mysterious problem. 

Monday afternoon we enjoyed Hannah's performance at a library in Muncie--a program to encourage children to take up music. They were allowed time at the end to try out various instruments in a format they called "the petting zoo."

(Photo borrowed from Facebook)
Hannah is one of the mechanical students in robotics, those who learn to use the shop tools and actually build the robot. Her hands can make beautiful music as well! My favorite photo in the last post pictures her with a portrait of one of the most famous or best violinist of the 20th century.

Team 1720 continues to meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They are working on significant changes to improve the robot's performance in preparation for an off-season competition in July. Michael and some of the other engineering minds are very focused on design right now, often rising early with new ideas on the brain.

Last weekend WIPBPublic television featured the PhyXTGears in their Indiana Weekend show (at 19"). Very well done. Enjoy!

Wednesday, after lunch at the senior center and a fun and humorous poetry reading, we stopped by The Bridge Cafe, saw Mike's recent UPLAND mugs on display and picked up a check for the ones sold.

The usual Friday schedule includes a writers' critique group at noon, and a walk or coffee with a neighbor friend. 
I decided to visit my friend Dorothy. She had just had her hair done by another neighbor friend, my own hair dresser.

Later two little guys came to spend the night and  kept us very entertained the next day. 

It was raining off and on Saturday morning so we didn't go to the park. Instead we hit a couple sales and found some fun things, including toys the boys picked out. We were very close to Kayla's house so we dropped in for a visit and playtime with little cousin Rebecca.

She took Zion's newly acquired combine. He pretended to be angry. 

Then laughed so hard when he saw the expression on his face that he tried to repeat it for the photo Mom took later at home to send and show me how the John Deere attached perfectly to the tractor he already owned.

I see why he insisted on that item--a perfect match. He won the antique-store owner over when he ran in and exclaimed enthusiastically, "This is awesome!" Not surprisingly she lowered the price by 50%. Zion already has the Koch business-savvy.

How was your week interspersed with happiness, love, and joy?


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Sorry to hear Mike's still experiencing severe pain :( We'll keep praying!

Zion cracks me up! He's such a personaje!

That's a lovely little turtle that Leah made.

The Bug said...

I agree - Leah's turtle is lovely! She's very talented...

I'm sorry about Mike's pain too - I wish they would figure out what it is!

Thanks for my Rebecca fix (you posted those pictures just for me, right?). :)