Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Week 37: Parade, party, people!

Someone has said that my blog is more about people than anything else.
That is probably true. A higher percentage of the photos are of people.

We were so privileged to host friends from India overnight Sunday.
Monday they had a taste of small-town America--the Upland Labor Day parade.

Stefan and Neeru Eicher and their children

Mike and I participated with a group to promote the Upland Area Greenways--Mike on his little Segway-like machine, an InMotion R2, which makes him a foot taller than me!

Photo credits: Jim Slater and Kristie Koch

I dropped off the parade route at Leah's place, which is close to the end anyway, so I could enjoy all the family gathered there.

Actually Leah arrived later. She walked with the Pray for Kelsie group promoting a benefit concert to help a young victim of a motorcycle accident.

We all enjoyed the event and being together. A few more favorite photos:

The little guys fascinated by their favorite CARS' character the Mater (Kristie's photo)

The big guys luv their long hair!

We were so tired that evening that we decided to use a gift certificate for dinner at Payne's. Delicious delightful date!

Tuesday, holiday over, it was time to get back to work--lesson planning. The long weekend threw me off and I almost went to the wrong campus, turned around just in time!
When I left home everything was in readiness for the robotics team social to kick-off the season.
When I returned at 8 PM, the mentors were sitting around the table discussing and planning while the kids were all outdoors playing. They straggled in sweaty, scraped-up, bug-bitten, but happy. Those who lingered played games. One of the cards required them to add "izzle" to every phrase from then on-izzle.

Wednesday, no photos-izzle. Evenings after I teach-izzle, I am worth nothing-izzle. We watched a movie-izzle--The Man Who Captured Eichmann (1996)-izzle.  I had seen it before-izzle. I recognized quite a few of the scenes-izzle, but had forgotten most of the story-izzle. I can't believe-izzle, that I was in Argentina when this happened and was totally unaware-izzle.

Thursday morning-izzle, I walked-jogged alone-izzle, until Rebecca joined me for the stroll around Taylor-izzle. Part of our adventure was to add our name to the beam going into the new construction later that day-izzle.

We've had several birds fly into our windows lately-izzle. Friday, Mike heard a terrible crash-izzle, and got these photos of a young hawk-izzle. 

Saturday Malachi's cross country meet was in the neighboring town-izzle! I think he said he had his best time for the season so far-izzle.

Have a great week-izzle. Game over!

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The Bug said...

What a fun post-izzle! I want that one guy's curly hair-izzle!