Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Week 38: Pain free!

The biggest news this week is that Mike has been pain-free!
He did get around on the little segway  when we visited the Covered Bridge festival last Saturday evening, but since then has not used it. And has exercised all week more than in a very long time!
It began when he went back for the scheduled shot Monday, yet no matter how much he tried, he could not trigger the pain. No need for a shot and no problem since. We do not understand why--delayed effects of the first shot, a new pain medication; time???  Thank you, God!

Sunday afternoon we got together to celebrate a couple birthdays.
I've been wanting a new family photo. Sadly, this is the only photo we ended up with. Or, maybe that was just as well as there were two missing family members and we were wondering how to use modern tricks to graft them in.

This was our practice run. Mike was setting up the camera on the tripod. Zion insisted on sitting next to me, Grandma. Kristie is asking me to do something about the orange-drink stain around his mouth.

The celebrants enjoying their crazier than ever birthday songs: Kristie, 37; Diane 62

Jude entertained himself (most of the time) upstairs with the train set, but really wanted Grandma to join him.

By the next day, the dining room table was back to its usual size and decor. But I must confess, the loft where I work every day (and the children play when they're here) is as messy as ever.

After teaching for two hours, I head straight to Daleville, hungry and eager to enjoy the food and relaxed Monday Night fellowship. These were staring at me across the table: the model of the timber house Stephan plans to build; and the littlest guest who sat there quietly longer than I ever imagined possible for someone so young (or even an older person!).

Tuesday's walking group was the largest ever.
Remember the beam with our signature--Rita + RR? It's up now!

We've had beautiful sunny weather. It almost feels sinful to work indoors. However, one drawback is that several of the times I drive are when the sun is dangerously blinding.

Wednesday, Mike and Stephan went to an event to watch the debates--eleven candidates, three hours! I sat at home grading chapter one tests. I looked over and saw a peeping frog on the window, watching me!

Thursday's walking adventure ended at The Bridge Cafe to meet a dear friend who's been through a long journey back to health.

Friday date night: the new true-story movie--Captive (highly recommend it); a shared fajita dinner at La Charreada after, seated next to a dividing wall that had a long line of bicycling Mexican figures. We remembered that the manager and his brother belong to the Marion cycling club. We joined them years ago for several days of riding the hills of Tennessee.

Saturday we watched Elijah's soccer game, most of the time, between enjoying the little ones.

I think I'll save today's fun for next week's post. ¡Hasta la próxima!

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The Bug said...

What a great week! So glad that Mike is pain free - it's been a long journey for him. Love your frog :)