Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 Week 47: Event-full

What a surprise to look back over the week and count four events sandwiched between two birthday celebrations!
Last Saturday we celebrated Zion's 6th birthday, actually coming up tomorrow, Monday the 23rd. Mike just sent me this photo he took on that occasion so I add it to last week's collection. No, not Zion. Everyone competes now with Rebecca for the attention.

The first event of the week was a concert all in Spanish! I truly enjoyed that surprise. They sang choruses familiar in my childhood, sonnets by Garcilaso de la Vega, and Misa criolla by Ariel Ramírez from Argentina. The refrain that stood out was "Señor, ten piedad. . ." (Lord, have mercy)
So appropriate considering the news of the week--terrorist attacks and deaths of people in our community or others we know.

It was chapter exam week. No photos of the piles of tests on the dining table still being graded. If only we could do away with grading!

Wednesday after class was event #2, only a couple blocks away from the building where I teach--the Excellence in Innovation Awards Celebration. We were invited to honor an outstanding member of the robotics team.

The evening was extra special because the speakers were Wil Davis and Ron Fauquher from Ontario Systems where Mike worked for 23 years. They told the fascinating story of how it all began and the lessons learned along the way.

 In addition, one of my current students was part of the committee that worked on the event, and I got to meet her mother as well.

One of the walking friends was available both times this week. We don't know how long we will be able to continue this routine.

My Friday routine, the only day I don't teach, includes a lunch hour meeting with my writer friends.
One member of the Writers' Bloc had the opportunity to edit a book translated from Swedish. He showed us the coffee table edition he received. I was fascinated by the beautiful paintings and the creativity of combining childhood memories with fantasy, by super-imposing robotic figures in each painting.

And after our writerly chat, one of the friends, in the biology department, took us into her lab to show us her "babies."

Later that afternoon we had a delightful visit from friends we had not seen in a while, the Barnells.

They stopped by on their way to a Jackie Evancho concert at the Honeywell Center in Wabash.
That sounded like a great date idea to us. We were able to get balcony tickets--event #3!

Saturday, was a day I looked forward to so much, event #4--Malachi's performance in The Crucible. Both he and his girlfriend, Lexi, had leading roles.

"Goody" Proctor (Elizabeth) and the Rev. Hale
 And it was Malachi's 17th birthday! Kristie planned a celebration at the house after the play, first for family, and later for his many friends.

It began to snow around noon Saturday.

My favorite Facebook pic of the day!

Rebecca's first time in the snow!
Sunday morning we woke to this beautiful winterscape.

We truly enjoy the changing seasons.

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The Bug said...

Wow - what a busy & fabulous week! That Rebecca in the snow wins the week though - SO CUTE! To use a current phrase, I can't even. :)