Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Week 18: Commencements and more

Most mornings Michael prepares a very nourishing breakfast for us. On this day he thought it also looked magazine-worthy. Notice the kefir he mixes himself, and the coffee he makes for me even though he does not drink any.

At Monday dinner Karen had some flowers on the table that abound right now. We both were trying to find out what they are. So I consulted our expert friend Cheryl, curator of Ball State's orchid collection. She sent these links  and notes: Packera aurea (golden ragwort),  "check the basal leaves. If they are round, they are Round-leafed ragwort. If not, then Golden. Or perhaps Packera glabella (butterweed).

Variety in our yard                             Stephand and Karen's
I have enjoyed the profusion of yellow in our yard, but alas, the growth was too tall and Michael started mowing today.

Speaking of wildlife--this week Sam has been posting several interesting photos taken on his travels through South Dakota. This was my favorite.

Tuesday was my last day of Spanish classes at Ivy Tech. My students were a little wild too!
It was hard to say goodbye after such a fun and productive year together.

Michael has been intensely busy preparing for two events: 

1) Wednesday a meeting with the GearBox organizers, a group planning to transform a large vacated building into a makers space. They very much want the robotics team to be based there. This fall could bring some big changes for PhyXTGears.

2)  Thursday was the:

Team 1720 promoted their various programs at this city wide event. Sir Plus, their primary robot was being shown off while Sir Minus, the secondary practice robot, was pulling passenger wagons.
Watch the Robot Train.

Meanwhile, I had my own events and activities.

Wednesday my girls and I were treated to Mary Kay facials.

Thursday I headed up to Winona Lake for the commemorative events planned for the class of 1966.

Dr. Hoyt (Uncle Herman) was president of Grace College and Seminary

Friday we rehearsed for participation in the 2016 commencement to march in ahead of this years' graduates.

Saturday I enjoyed the grand event from the front row aisle seat. (Thanks Terry White for this photo!)

The best part was getting reacquainted with classmates from 50 years ago and hearing stories from their life journeys. Most, if not all, were teachers or preachers who had influenced many lives for good. I may have to write a separate post to record all the wonderful memories.

The same day Jared was graduating from Anderson University with a Music Education major. 
They spent the night with us and left Sunday morning to head back to Arizona. 
Our friendship with the Bowyers, which began through a blog, continues to bless and amaze us.

Quite enough for one week, right? Oh, but I cannot forget my mother! I enjoyed her hospitality and  catching up on her life. She is feeling much stronger than last time, after the pneumonia hospitalization, and has figured out how to be completely independent again, so she "fired" her outside help! 
The weekend was event-filled for me and I failed to get a photo of us, so I'm posting an older Happy Mother's Day pic.

Mother still looks as lovely as ever.

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The Bug said...

Wow, that's a big group of golden graduates! So tickled that they celebrated you guys like that.

And yes, a VERY busy week! Hopefully you'll get to relax some this week since class is over.