Sunday, May 22, 2016

2016 Week 20: A Quieter Week

The weather is lovely right now. I enjoyed a nap out on the deck this afternoon.

Mike is out riding his bike as I write, and has been able to get out regularly this week for 20 miles each time.

It was a quieter week for me, maybe not so much for Michael who is a an example of diligence and is involved in a variety of endeavors that keep him going all the time. Sorry not many photos to prove it.

It was my birthday week. Cards and very meaningul greetings arrived daily.

The highlight for me was a birthday breakfast, Wednesday, with four friends. I invited those who knew me the best and asked for their wisdom for the future. 
With each passing year I am more aware of the urgency to wisely live out the remainder. The admonition from Hebrews 12:1 stood out to me: "let us lay aside every weight..." and "run with endurance the race that lies before us". We talked about our cultural abundance that can become a burden, the many distractions of life; the importance of determining what our priorities should be and pursuing them. Not only concrete stuff, like clutter, deter us from purposeful pursuits, but also emotions and attitudes, such as worry, fear, anger, etc. 
I treasure the time we spent together, the memories we shared, and the lessons I take with me into the new year. Thank you, dear friends!

The next day, we had a delightful little visit with Kayla and Rebecca who stocked up on boxes from our attic to help pack up their household in readiness for their move, hopefully into their own home soon.

Muncie's Moonlight Movies kicked off Saturday and Team 1720 was invited to entertain the crowds before the showing of Big Hero 6. Their ads stated: "check out what the PhyXTgear Robotics Team has been up to this year."
Sir Minus (the alternate robot) was busy pulling wagon-loads of kids around with the help sometimes of Mike on the segway, when he became overheated. Sir Plus stayed home. With four competitions left this year, he can't risk being damaged or overworked. 
Team members were busy in a variety of ways promoting the team, entertaining. Moriah was interviewed live by radio station Star 106.9. And the event announcer repeatedly referred to the fact that this team is ranked 37th among thousands!

Movie Night @ Canan Commons

Tis the season for graduations, open houses, bridal showers, and then weddings.
What are your seasonal activities?

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