Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 Week 22: Memorable events!

Sunday was the 100th running of the Indy 500, a sold-out event, with a memorable finish, televised live! Mike and Stephan followed it with interest. Karen and I off and on.

That evening Matt and Kayla moved in here temporarily. They had worked so hard to vacate and clean the rental they had been in for several months. After Rebecca was asleep for the night, Kayla went back to finish cleaning.

Memorial Day, Matt was up and off to work at 3:30 a.m.! As a millwright he often has to work holidays to repair machinery when not in use.
I picked up Diane and we stopped by the cemetary. She had forgotten about her grave marker already set up next to her mother's. I was surprised to realize that Mother Doese has been gone 12 years already and in August she would have been 100!

 Later, most others came over for a cookout and family fun.

This week I enjoyed many sweet abuela moments. Yes, we're trying to have Rebecca call me grandma in Spanish. There have been times when we thought she said abuela.

Yoga with Mama

We watched the birds, and the antics of other creatures attempting to eat the bird seed. At night we could hear the ruckus of coons and sometimes see them attacking the feeders. Then we'd send Lily, Kayla's dog, out to chase them. However, when she saw a deer for the first time, she just stared.

A couple of evenings, after a more normal work schedule for Matt, we enjoyed playing Hand & Foot.
I had my worst luck ever when I got caught with FOUR red 3's (-500 each) amid the stack that already counted against me.

When they first came, Matt and Kayla, did not know how long they'd have to wait to be able to close on the house. What had seemed like a setback, even a probable roadblock, worked toward their advantage in the end. Friday was closing day!

Then the work began! They painted the walls in two days and moved in today, Sunday! Tomorrow they both go back to work.

Michael has been intensely focused on designing the new home for the robotics team--8,000 square feet in the GearBox. The sooner they determine the layout, the sooner the space will be built and ready for them to move in.
But, of course, that was not his only occupation. He finished making a house for bees to move into as they multiply.

We have also attended many open houses for graduates from our church community or the robotics team.

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The Bug said...

Aw - sweet abuela time! Congrats to Kayla & family on the new house!