Sunday, June 19, 2016

2016 Week 24: Quiet or Lazy?

Somehow the week felt unproductive. Maybe not. You decide.

Cherished flowers of the week
A big surprise Sunday morning when we arrived at church: Josu, a friend from the Basque Country had come to attend the wedding of his American brother. We got to meet his girlfriend, Laura!

We were invited to join the Basque friends, former host families, at a lunch where Josu caught us up on his life and their plans.

We had one last robotics-graduate open-house in the afternoon, and enjoyed a delightful tandem ride in the evening.

Looks like I had DMD (decision-making-disorder)! Which would you choose?

Monday night Stephan filled us in on his intense week at Advanced Timber Framing workshop--hard work and difficult math.

It was a quiet week for me, with no appointments, only the usual daily exercise opportunities and writing goals.

Michael, on the other hand, seems to maintain a very full schedule, moving forward on several fronts, and always finding time for a bike ride.

Friday was the opening of the Farmers' Market, always a fun event.

And look who I met there wearing her new sun hat and holding a new toy!

Kayla posted this photo of Rebecca with her favorite purchase from the yard sale--a little wagon to pull all her stuffed animals.

 Today, Saturday, Mike and the team are in Ohio. I am watching the competition intently online, and trying to be productive at the same time, as in writing this blog.

The invitation and the "Squaring-off" photo Mike posted on Facebook
Just now, despite my screams (and prayers), PhyXTGears lost the semi-final tiebreaker and will not go on to finals.

Some other multitasking I do: knit while we watch TV in the evening; listen to audio books or podcasts as I do mindless tasks like weeding, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.; and coloring during Win's music show.

And, now I must get ready to go to a wedding, and spend the rest of the evening, late night, waiting for Michael to get back from Ohio.

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The Bug said...

Love the tandem bike photos - I would have had trouble deciding too. And the Rebecca photos - so sweet!

Somehow I missed out on the gene that says you have to be busy every day, so I think your week sounds just exactly right!