Saturday, September 17, 2016

2016 Week 36/37: Catching up

Parts of two weeks combined--I pick up where I left off in Week 36 to begin writing detailed posts about our vacation, and continue through Week 37.

Finding flowers, even a few, makes me happy.

 And so does coloring flowers.

We enjoy the local festivals too, and connecting with people.
At the Matthews Covered Bridge Festival, we visited with Donna for quite a while, admiring her array of jewelry and more. Check out Heavy Metal by Donna and notice the great variety of art and what each piece is made from.
In our rebuilt home we have two of her prized pieces on our walls.

I really liked the cross wall hanging in this picture, made by her husband. I thought it would go well on the wall above our dining room window, but Michael does not think it fits our overall decor. Hmmm... any opinions?

We also came across some young people we hadn't seen in a while and almost did not recognize. Can you pick out the boy that ran a 5K with me some four years ago?

Grown kids; Malachi and friends some years ago; 2012 Labor Day 5K 

Friday, by the covered bridge, we could not locate our cermicist friend Patricia. However, Saturday, Mike saw her stand on main street, so in the evening we checked out the downtown half of the festival. She comes up from Kentucky every year, mostly because her sons live in the area. We've also corresponded some.

Sunday, 9/11, was SIL Diane's birthday so we took her out to breakfast on our way up to Grand Rapids, MI.

IHOP's birthday special--a small sundae and the birthday song.

The purpose of our trip was to deliver Mike's entry to its venue in Art Prize 2016.

Serenity installed at the B.O.B.
If you have the opportunity to visit Art Prize, it is a worthwhile experience, and you can vote for your favorites in two rounds (9/21-10/01 and 10/2-6). 171 venues, 1453 entries--imagine that!!!

This day was also the only opportunity to take in Seward Johnson's 20 bronzes on display in Warsaw. (More about  Walk n Wander in another post.)

A preview of the Walk n Wander experience

Monday I went back to teaching, a lot of review and catching up after two weeks--the problem of teaching only one day a week and having a holiday fall on a Monday.

It was also Rebecca's first day at pre-school, just one day a week for now, so she can make little friends. (Thanks, Kayla for letting me borrow this adorable pic!)

Tuesday I finished processing photos and writing about our vacation: Days 4 & 5.

Wednesday I had a different writing experience--a poetry Night at The Bridge Cafe.
Two friends from the foursome that used to walk together last year, got together to promote Georgia Goy's Photography. She loves to enjoy nature and focus on a theme. This time it was to capture shadow figures against a nature-backdrop.
The participants were supposed to write a poem based on the photo of their choice. This was mine.

I miss you

Wherever I go
Your fleeting image appears
In unexpected places
At odd moments
I glimpse fragments
Lacey contours
See-through shapes
Though unmistakably you
Forget you, never, I fear
Love you, always, dear
As shadows come and go
Memories sweeter flow.

Comments and corrections are welcome.

Thursday our overnight guests arrived, friends we've known for almost 50 years, and I took them to Ivanhoes where another long-time mutual friend joined us. Mike, as usual, had to be with the robotics team that afternoon/evening.

Bob Craton, Brenda & Dave Babcock

Friday, while the Babcocks were out visiting other friends in the area, I ran errands and met with a neighbor.

Throughout the week Kayla stopped by our house three times and I wasn't home. Rebecca kept asking, "Where's abuela?" So I just had to stop by and see Rebecca. She gave me such a warm welcome and showed me her room and all her toys and books. That little girl is on the go constantly. I don't know how Kayla captured this scene which could not have lasted longer than a few seconds.
I love it! (Thank you, Kayla!) Eventually Rebecca and I will be able to read an entire book together.

More Meemaw moments await this weekend. Will report next week.

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I love your poem - makes me think of my mother...

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