Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 Week 35+: Mini vacation

Dove's Crossing
 The week started out with our regular routines: Monday four hours of teaching for me and then dinner at Dove's Crossing (Stephan and Karen's) and Tuesday afternoon and evening robotics for Mike.
Wednesday, however, we went into vacation prep mode all morning and set out for Michigan after lunch. We camped three nights and filled our days with sightseeing adventures.

The first adventure was a 1.5 mile hike to Big Sable Point Lighthouse. It felt much longer, especially to Michael whose serious leg pain returned part way.
While he rested I chose to climb the 140 steps to the top. I was rewarded with beautiful views, a sticker, . . . and very sore muscles for two days!

In the afternoon we drove into town and walked through the Historic Sculpture Park.

When we got back to the campsite, we rode the tandem to the beach house and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.

Day 2, Friday
We headed up North to some favorite places we'd visited three years ago.
Guess where we ate lunch . . .

. . . and where we went after that.

I am purposely leaving out a whole lot, hoping to entice you to come back for many more photos and stories in future posts detailing each day.

The evening ended with a wonderful star-gazing lecture by the beach house.

Day 3, Saturday
We packed and set off bright and early for our next destination.

Bye, bye Michigan!
A wonderful and very full day . . . (more later)  . . . and a relaxed evening at a Baymont Inn.

Day 4, Sunday
Just a couple photos to stir your curiosity, so you will come back for more.

Day 5, Monday, also our last day of vacation.
We were missing the biggest day of our hometown festival. To make up for it, we wore t-shirts from a previous Labor Day Parade.

After we'd fit in as much fun as possible, we had to head back home. It was a long drive, I read out loud for hours and finished the book we'd started when we left.

An attempt to capture the beautiful sunset

Tuesday, Mike was at it again very early, still bleaching, staining, painting the house exterior, today the front porch.

There's a lot of catching up to do on all fronts while savoring the memories of a wonderful time away.

Our vacation loot
I made a quick trip up to Winona Lake to help Mother with a couple appointments. Her regular checkup with the doctor went very well. She is in great health. Then we picked up her new glasses.

¡Hasta mañana!


sara said...

looks like a wonderful vacation! You need to make one out here! hint hint!

The Bug said...

Beautiful! Looks like the kind of place that my Mike & I would like to visit...