Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 Week 34: Schedules and Storms

Several scheduled appointments punctuated the week: hair, car, dentist, classes, meetings, amid the steadiness of daily goals and routines.

Monday I was back for a third year in the familiar spaces of Ivy Tech, in the same classroom with ten new students and a different schedule--four hours once a week.

Michael was glad to finish the time consuming task of painting the railing and has moved on to other areas. Some require bleach treatment before the paint.

Wednesday, I was enjoying a quiet time in bed, when I suddenly remembered I had an airbag recall/replacement appointment in 20 minutes! I jumped into the clothes laying on the floor and rushed off, just in time!
I strolled over to my friend Viola's favorite restaurant for breakfast. The memories of our last time there motivated me to go visit my bedridden friend. We can no longer have conversations like before, but she enjoys it when I read Guidepost stories to her.

That evening we joined other PhyXTGears families for their fundraiser at Culver's restaurant.

I was delighted to discover some of our own family members there, enjoying one of their favorite places to eat and supporting the team!

Team 1720, the PhyXTGears, are hoping to move October 1st into their new shop in the makers' space now renamed Madjax. The new walls are progressing nicely and look sturdy enough.

However, on this very day a line of severe storms came through our area. Tornadoes touched down in several spots.  One of the families invited us over and we stayed in Muncie until 11 p.m. so as not to cross the path of the erratic clouds on our way home.  We taught them Hand and Foot while waiting.

We didn't notice much damage on the way home. When I walked through our woods the next day, not much either. One tree came down some time this week.

A city some 35 miles away suffered considerable loss. A Starbuck's was flattened among others, but no loss of life!

The next days have been calm with spots of rain. These young'uns came very close to our house. They are not yet wary and skittish.

 Hmmm, where's their mama?


The Bug said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your friend. I LOVE Culvers! But it's definitely an "every now & then" kind of place. I'm glad you didn't have any tornado damage!

Karen said...

The coloring page is perfect considering the recent weather.