Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Week 33: A quieter week

A quieter week, not so many of my own photos, so I'm borrowing from various Facebook postings, for my weekly record of events and memories.

Sunday was Rebecca's birthday. We had celebrated with a party at her house the day before.
I liked cousin Bruce's picture of mommy-hostess Kayla and Rebecca wearing the festive dress she started out with.

The lovely dress was removed for cake-eating time. During gift-opening, Nanna Leah quickly dressed her in one of the many new outfits. The finishing touch came when Rebecca opened the gift with Mouse ears. She immediately went to check out her look in the mirror. Leah was able to capture this priceless reaction, my favorite pic!

I also enjoyed Bruce's views of our homestead.

Stephan had fun carving fruit and veggies:
"Playing with planets...and yes, that is the Death Star in the background lest we become complacent..."

My artistic outlet was this weekly coloring while watching the Olympics or listening to music.

However, my main accomplishment of the week was the syllabus and preparation for teaching Spanish 101 again, starting Monday.

Friday's routine was somewhat rearranged. Mike was invited to another of the robotics students birthday celebration. It was here in town and I stopped by for awhile.

What are they watching?

Oh, the trampoline tricksters!

The whole town was out of electricity for a couple hours. The birthday-boy did not have to go in to work and my writers' meeting was cancelled, so we all lingered.

When we got home, Mike taught me how to turn this thing on. Can you guess?

I tried a new recipe from a beautiful Argentine cookbook.

The leftovers of Medallones de berenjena con queso

Saturday there was another Ivanhoes' Garfield sighting, this time with four Koch-boys.

Photo credit: Kristie Koch

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The Bug said...

Man those boys are growing up so fast! LOVE the Rebecca picture in her mouse ears - so cute! And whatever that cheesy thing is that you made it looks delicious!

I'm going to guess - generator!