Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Week 30: Summer winding down

There are summer days when I've felt I wasn't getting anywhere. However, this week I am encouraged. I gained direction and am moving forward with projects. Sorry, the photos will not reflect any of this nor am I ready to reveal specifics.

Not goin' anywhere, just lookin' pretty.

I only made it to one class this week, but had great fun snapping this pic as we were lined up face down.

 As we arrived at Dove's Crossing, I commented on these very yellow flowers.

Tuesday evening we ate away from home again--a tandem date to Payne's.

"Such huge servings!"

Michael got over the bee-sting inflamation. His doctor, also a bee keeper, supplied him with meds to counteract any further allergic reaction. And Mike is more careful when he tends to his "babies."

The outside of the house needed to be repainted so Michael tackled that ongoing project. To avoid the heat he rises early many mornings and puts in an hour or so before breakfast.

Rebecca was our entertainment during tap class, sometimes dancing, going around in circles, running, hardly ever still. However, she quickly learned how to interrupt our dance by turning off the music. So we made her a little house, and managed to get through a tap routine uninterrupted.

July 29th was Skye's 19th birthday and my mother's 95th. We managed to put together two family celebrations. 
Friday was Skye's party. He loved Malachi's gift and card. 

Hats--Skye's signature look
And he looks pleased with the soft collage blanket too.

Saturday, Mike and I joined my two brothers and a few other family and friends to celebrate Mother.

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed watching Miss Kayla, a favorite dance teacher at Cornerstone Center for the Arts, and her cute and funny little dancers perform at their end-of-summer recital. It is always fun to watch her in action and see how much her students love her. Unfortunately all my photos are blurry.

The building that the robotics team will be moving into this fall is right across the street so we went in to see how the renovating process is coming. I got to see the pieces of equipment (dust collectors pracitacally donated) that Mike and John (student) picked up and hauled there a couple weeks ago. I was amazed at how the two of them found ways to load, handle, and unload such huge pieces.

And also grateful for their protection. The first one they transported on a very windy afternoon and, while crossing a bridge, the trailer began to sway. One foot got caught on the railing and bent--a near serious accident.

This week's coloring page has a wonderful reminder for us all.

Hard to believe that our young folk and teachers (DIL Karen among them) will be going back to school this next week!


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Mike is smart to rise early and get some work in before it gets too hot! Construction workers in Argentina would often start at 6 a.m. during the summer months, work until 1 p.m. or so and call it quits for the day. While we still lived in the rental house, the owner of the lot next door had a house built. I must admit I did not share the worker's appreciation for quarteto music :) Especially at 6 a.m.! LOL

Great shot of mom blowing out her candles! That was fun to spend some time together. Thanks for bringing the pulled pork (and other things). We enjoyed pork tacos for Sunday lunch with some of the leftovers you gave us. Yum!

Karen Kay said...

How I always love your photos and comments...sorry to hear about Michael's bee stings. The location of your dinner, on your bike ride, looks so cozy and yummy. I always look forward each week to all you have to share Rita...have a blessed week ahead.

The Bug said...

Love that bicycle shot! And my Rebecca fix :)