Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016 Week 31: Back to School, for some

The flowers that graced our table at the beginning of the week did not last long and there are fewer replacements in our garden.

The honey harvest, however, promises to continue and grow.

Monday night after the meal, Karen showed us the poster she's working on for school.

  A couple of corrections to my last blog post: Karen does not start teaching till next Tuesday, and our Muncie grandsons's first day was this Wednesday.

Proud dad sending off his older boys to Delta.

For one year Elijah can ride with big brother Malachi. Zion is the only bus rider for now.

Only one at Royerton Elementary

Thank you, Kristie, for these great photos to add to my 2016 photo-journal.

Thursday evenings I usually set aside an hour to listen and color. My friend and former colleague, Win Corduan's show is online ( from 9:00 - 10:00 PM. Enjoyable wind-down activity while Mike is gone many hours at the robotics'shop. 
This week the Corduan brothers were on!

Michael keeps plugging away at the tedious job of painting the outside of the house and deck.
This is what he was doing when I left Friday afternoon.

All week I have been preparing for a writers' conference, among other obligations, of course--a friend's husband's memorial, an annual checkup, etc.

This first of its kind professional writing conference at Taylor U, was very successful. I came away inspired, encouraged, with clearer direction and more tools.
Interestingly, one of the best presenters was a student in my Spanish class years ago--a fun role reversal!
And I made a new friend, a woman who married an Argentine and lived there for 27 years!
Sharing and networking is one of the great benefits of attending these conferences.

Unlike most attendees, I only live a mile away from where the conference was held. I was home in plenty of time for us to enjoy a lovely evening and picnic at the annual Muncie Civic Theatre event at Minnetrista.

The finale--a celebratory balloon launch


Karen said...

I was at Minnetrista, too, with Pattie & Luke! And I don't start teaching until Thursday; we have inservice days Tuesday and Wednesday.

sara said...

oh my I would LOVE to try your honey!!!

Karen Kay said...

Boy, you sure have a lot going on around yoh each wk. It is wonderful that you are documenting history for the entire family...wonderful Rita!

The Bug said...

I can't believe how big those boys are! Time keeps on passing doesn't it?