Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 Week 3: New Beginings

A week of looking back and looking ahead; considering, remembering and moving forward on this journey called life.

Monday Elijah and I spent his school holiday together celebrating his upcoming birthday (12 on the 27th) with a movie and shopping trip. We saw the new movie Hidden Figures, perfect for Martin Luther King Day! Every time the colored were disrespected, put down, and much worse, we were disgusted and Elijah would say, "Slap him!" When NASA finally did away with distinctions of color, we clapped, and others joined in!

Mother was released from the hospital so the next day, Tuesday, I traveled north for a meeting with an administrator to talk about the possibility of her moving into the Assisted Living area. We went to see an available suite (one bedroom apartment).
Then the brothers started crunching numbers. Financial realities combined with the fact that Mother really does not want to move right now, led us to work on an alternate plan for her safety and well being--meal plan, med alert, and outside help.

Wednesday at tap class we started practicing a new routine and had a friend practice with us who will hopefully join our team of mature women tappers! 

The Tap Dancing Divas
This was the first time I saw our group photo and videos taken of last week's performance.
New York New York

Thursday's PhyXTGears' progress report included greater success with the ball shooter, ongoing prototyping; chassis building. Here you can also see the field taking shape. Week 2 is over, four more to go!

Friday, from the comfort of our home, we joined the millions watching the proceedings  in Washington D.C. Along with our former governor now Vice President Mike Pence, I claim the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

That same day my 2016 Meemaw Moments blook arrived, another good way to look back and reflect on the past year.

I met Dana virtually some eight years ago through the blogging circle called Project 365. We met in person when she came for a visit a few years back. Before moving further away from Ohio to N Carolina she was able to drive up from Indianapolis Saturday after her niece's national cheer competition the night before. 

The obligatory pic with Garfield
Thank you, Dana, for your friendship, your faithful and thoughtful comments on my blog, and for making the effort to visit one last time before the move south.

The message of the weekly coloring I completed today, Sunday, seemed very fitting.

Tomorrow a new semester begins.

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The Bug said...

It was great to see you! Ivanhoe's was great too - loved that Heavenly Hash. And you are so clever with that picture of us!

If you ever go to visit your NC friend, do please let me know.