Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Week 1: A New Year, A New Game

 Enjoying a new candle in yet another unique Klaytivity piece.

 Looking out on a new day and new year, asking questions such as:
--What should I keep on doing?
--What should I change?
These Scriptures come to mind:
--I Thessalonians 4:1c ". . . just as you are doing, that you do so more and more."
   and 5:11 "encourage one another and build one another up just as you are doing."
--Hebrews 12 1 ". . . lay aside every weight. . ."
Just when I was ready to give up this blog or give it another direction, a friend wrote, "Keep blogging, Rita!" So, because I have not come up with any better ideas, and this has become a habit, here I am for another year.

Michael saw the orthopedic specialist Monday and was encouraged to walk normally, let the pain or discomfort be his guide, use the crutches a little longer to keep from doing anything harmful. He no longer uses them.

Even on crutches Michael never failed to feed the birds.

 However, unintended intruders cleverly find a way to deplete the bird seed.
Should we be feeding the squirrels as well? Would that even deter them?

Wednesday three of the students from the robotic's team wanted to come over and play games. Mike put them to work helping with tasks he was not up to yet, like: taking down the Christmas tree and returning it to the attic and carrying in wood and stacking it in the garage.

Temperatures dropped significantly. Snow arrived one night and with it the snowbirds. 

Thursday, the walking-ladies-who-walk-nomore braved the frigid weather to have a birthdays and Christmas-New Year celebration breakfast. We hope to resume our exercise program in the spring. 

Last Saturday, we welcomed the New Year at the PhyXTGears' new home in the MadJax Maker Force building. 

There was still a lot to do this last week before the BIG DAY--Saturday, January 7th, the beginning of robot design and build season! It begins at the Kickoff event where via simulcast the new game is revealed. The 2017 game is STEAMWORKS.

Let the brainstorming and strategizing begin!

The 2017 Team 1720
Michael has gone into his "cave" and is almost non-stop designing, researching, creating parts and perfecting them.  I expect him to emerge in six weeks. Meanwhile I will try to keep him fed, and happy ;-)

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The Bug said...

You're such an understanding & supportive wife! (At least outwardly - ha!). I'm glad they made it into their new space, and that Michael is crutch free - & that you're going to continue to blog!