Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Weeks 51 & 52: Christmas & the Count Down

Another Christmas is over and we prepare to welcome a new year.
The decorations will come down as slowly as they went up.

I worked most of the week preparing the house and gifts for our family gathering on the 24th.

Mike commandeered the kitchen Monday morning to make treats for ALL! (Did you not get yours yet?)

Tuesday, I travelled to Winona Lake for a visit with Mother. We attended a Christmas Tea in the afternoon--many scrumptious goodies and an hour of piano music. Some of us ladies at our table had so much fun trying to recall the lyrics, humming or moving to the Christmas tunes.
Later that evening Ivan and Kim came over for a visit. We talked and talked so much that again I forgto to get a picture.

Wednesday, we went to breakfast in the Grace Village dining room, a first for Mother. And then I left for home.

 Meanwhile, that was the day Michael decided: If we do not get the occupancy permit from the city by the 28th we will have to move back to Morrison Mock. Most of the equipment was already installed at MadJax, the new home of the PhyXTGears, but they could not begin work without this official permission. Build-season is fast approaching, January 7th!

The next day, Thursday, they had the document in hand! What a relief! Now, Michael felt like he could focus on Christmas surprises.

I kept putzin' away. Greetings cards, letters, e-mails (and now Facebook photos and messages!) coming and going--always a treasured feature of the holiday season.

SIL Diane joined us for a few days.

Friday, Kayla's Tapping Divas performed for the residents of the Upland University Nursing Center!
There was quite a crowd. We were all a bit nervous, don't know why, but Mike said we were "more professional than the last time" (whatever that means).

Saturday, Christmas Eve, was our big day.
First the annual brunch at Stephan and Karen's--wonderful food and fellowship with people we don't always get to see.
Then around 4:00 o'clock our Koch family Christmas began. The difference this year was that our kids brought the food--a very abundant and delicious meal!

One of the highlights of the evening was the grandkids portrayal of the angels visit to the shepherds, hilarious and meaningful at the same time! I give you one glimpse in place of the video with the crazy singing and acting!

Lambie Rebecca was told to hold on to her shepherd. She never let go. Skye was our masculine/warrior/type angel. Lexi, Malachi's girfriend, joined in the fun as well.

"Angels we have heard on high . . ." "Hark! . . ."
The young ones bring so much joy (and chaos) to the occasion. So many fun memories . . .but our little princess rules, or at least keeps us running to keep up with her. She carried around the Christmas bears, even had them sitting at the chess table, but later decided to call check mate herself. She also loves to hang abuela's medals (past 5 K's) around her neck, and is thrilled with every little surprise in her Christmas stocking.

Sunday afternoon, after dropping Diane off at her apartment in Marion, Mike and I headed on up North to Shipshewana for a little getaway. We had the hotel to ourselves.

That first evening we were so tired, all we could do was sit and watch Christmas movies, not even knit, read, or anything else! Elf was followed by a very old version of A Christmas Carol. I was struck by the drunk-like giddiness of the transformed old Scrooge. It occurred to me that "Giddy Giving" would make a good title for a short piece describing the many special moments of our family Christmas where I observed such childlike delight not only in receiving but especially in giving. 
Yes, gift-giving was excessive  abundant again this year. Some of us work at the list all year and don't realize until the end how much we've accumulated.  I was reminded of God's extravagant love.

We enjoyed the Amish country mini vacation--the hotel pool, Das Dutchman Essenhaus buffet, window shopping; and a tour of the Menno Hof, museum of the Amish and Mennonite history, Tuesday morning. It was very interesting, but we had to cut it short to get back for robotics' work day--the final move, three trailer loads from the computer/programming room.

Michael's Christmas surprise for me included another mini getaway--dinner theatre and overnight Wednesday in Ohio that would get us back in time for the next work day. He tried so hard and was rushing around to get everything done in time, then the accident! He was bringing the trash bin back as always using his segway up and down our long lane. When he got to the garage and was about to maneuver between the cars, the segway, which had sat idle for a minute or two, stubbornly and fiercely refused to steer, and he crashed and fell hard on his right hip. 
I don't know how he dragged himself into the house, badly shaken. The pain got worse to where he could not walk. So, a change of plans, cancellations, and a trip to the ER. (We'd already seen A Christmas Carol anyway.)

We had a nice little visit from Sam while we waited. He was on his way to a job in Ohio.

The X-rays were negative for broken bones. However, the doctor ordered a CT, which did reveal a deeper inoperable fracture, So, Michael is forced to slow down and is learning to get around on crutches.

Thursday he felt much better, well enough to join Team 1720's work force, sitting down. John P. is his driver now, role reversal!

They drove in again Friday for an interview with the Star Press. You can read the article and/or see the video Meet the Makers of the New Year's Eve Ball. And if you do read it, you will learn that the Civic Theatre is borrowing the ball for their fund raiser tonight.

PhyXTGears and friends will be welcoming in the New Year with a party in their new home!

Happy New Year!

The End.

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  1. Goodness what a busy week full of contrasting highs & lows! The high - adorable Rebecca (as usual). The low - Mike's fall. I'm so sorry that you had to miss your trip. Downtown Dayton is about 20 minutes from us, except for when we're on the road in WV :)


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