Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Week 49: Hangin' in there!

 Look who is intently looking in on the manger scene?

It's been my goal during Advent to do the same by paying closer attention to the carols of the season.
I've enjoyed picking a favorite for each day and meditating on certain verses that have gone unnoticed before.
My initial goal was to play the piano and sing each one, however, I have not been able to locate my hymnbook nor the several Christmas carol booklets. Hmmmm . . . where did I hide them? That tells you  how little progress I've made decorating for the holidays.
Instead I've listened/watched YouTube videos of the favorites so far and become more familiar with various singers and groups.

This week I came across a Facebook memory of a different artistic interpretation of Silent Night--Kayla and friends dancing. Beautiful!

Last Sunday we had our first snow. Again today. My cousin wrote a poem a decade ago, so appropriate for today.

By James A. Gehman
(Christmas 2005)
Contemplate the falling snow
dancing on the frigid airs
Look how gently, hurried not,
resting on the pines below.
‘niquely wrought in crystal cold
testimony clear of selfless care,
loving-kindness, mercy pure,
Springing from the Maker’s hand.
Stay a pace, oh flake divine,
rest upon receiving palm!
Art so fair commands a pause
‘spite the Advent’s grueling race-
Warm this miser heart of mine;
let the Master’s mercies melt
calloused greed, consumer ‘need’-
All that parts my love from thee.

Nothing separates him from his Maker now. He passed away suddenly a few years later.

Son Stephan has been very busy since before Thanksgiving. These ice snowflakes against a fall backdrop on that weekend were part of the tree lighting festival in Noblesville.

Today, December 11th, is Indiana's birthday! He was in Indianapolis and yesterday in Bluffton carving celebratory pieces for the Bison-tenial! [Was that your punny idea, Stephan?]

I only wish I had photos to show for my other very hard working son. 

You probably guessed that I don't have too many photos of my own for the week.
I was fighting a sore throat and head cold, but still able to keep up with most appointments and commitments. I did take Friday off and intentionally stayed in pajamas the entire day.

Tuesday my neighbor friends treated me to a hilarious show at the Honeywell Center--The Church Basement Ladies--and a lovey meal nearby in a historic building from the '20s, a restored hotel-turned-restaurant--Twenty.

Wednesday, was our Food 4 Thought ladies Bible study Christmas brunch. The table hostesses decorate so beautifully, I had a hard time deciding where to sit!

The food table also offered many tempting choices.

Each year our leader interviews one of the ladies. This year it was me.

No, this is not what I was wearing for the occasion. The photo was taken by 4 year-old grandson Jude on Thursday. After an appointment in Muncie, I stopped by their house to drop some things off.

In the afternoon I took Skye to his last dentist appointment!  

I realize I have not said anything about Michael. He also had a few appointments and the ongoing involvement with the robotics team. They are steadily getting the new shop set up and ready to go.
It has been truly amazing to witness the many roadblocks they have overcome and the progress so far.
And the team is growing. Almost every time he comes home he says, "There was a new student there tonight."

The question now is, will he get a break before build season begins January 7th?

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