Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Week 50: Winter sets in

This week I've enjoyed a different Klaytivity centerpiece. Cheery candle light is perfect for wintry weather.
Sunday we had our first significant snowfall and Mike was out plowing. We didn't get nearly as much as other areas of Indiana. 

Monday the roads were fine and I had no problem going to the last class of the semester. I asked the students for a photo to remember our group, in different poses--una foto normal, una foto seria, y una foto loca. They said the most difficult pose was the serious one. Ironically it is my favorite.

Michael's regular Tuesday/Thursday routine involves 6 to 8 hours of robotics-team-related work, however, he often goes in other days as well. The move out of Morrison Mock into the MadJax makers' space is almost finished and they've made great progress setting up the new shop. Other positives: good working relationships with decision-makers of both MadJax and within the team; new students and mentors; timely funds.

The Tapping Divas, our new name, had two practice classes this week. We are performing the 23rd for the nursing home in town.

Kayla told us about how Rebecca loves to go to the post office. She's learned what the green slips are for and hands them to the clerk in exchange for the packages, their Amazon purchases. She colored the page they give out and now it is on display at the Post Office.

Thursday was Malachi's surgery to repair a wrist bone broken three months ago.

Pre-op and post-op

That evening, our friends, the Bowyers, arrived to move their son to Arizona. Jared successfully completed a semester of student teaching and has a job lined up in Phoenix.

Friday after packing up his college-life belongings into the two cars, we met them at a restaurant in Daleville. Our son Stephan lives nearby so he joined us, and after lunch we toured his studio. It was interesting to see the array of tools he uses, and to watch him program and cut a design in the ice with the CNC router. But, oh, it was so cold in there. Brrrrrr....

I especially enjoyed seeing his office at the back of the building with 16 years worth of awards and photos on the wall, and a long desk area (just as cluttered as mine!)

There was nothing better to do all afternoon and evening than hang out and play games with our dear friends.

Their plan was to leave fairly early Saturday morning and hopefully get back to Arizona with enough time to move Jared into his new apartment so he could visit the elementary school where he'll be teaching music before classes are out for the year.

However, when they stepped outside and nearly went flying on the ice, they thought it best to play a few more games. The news of  500+ accidents overnight in Indianapolis, was a strong deterrent.

By 1:00 p.m. it appeared safe enough to venture forth. Mike prepared the way with the ATV and put some sand down behind the cars. Just getting out our driveway and lane was a challenge. But off they went. Roads were okay at first until they came to a dead stop due to accidents ahead. They did make it safely to St. Louis that night!

I couldn't resist "borrowing" this FB photo of Meemaw's grandboys. They happened to be celebrating Christmas with the other side of the family at the Red Barn.

Today, Sunday, Michael shared with the first grade Sunday School class. Whenever they have a lesson about God as the potter, the teacher invites him to come and talk about pottery.

Christmas next Sunday, only one week! I still have decorating, shopping, cleaning and preparing to do! And all the while rejoicing in the unspeakable GIFT we celebrate--God with us!

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The Bug said...

I was just commenting on another blog that finding "God with us" is more difficult this year. So much going on!