Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Week 27: A very full week of the Fourth

So many Fourth of July events and activities!
And so very many photos to record the varied memories!
Then there's the fact that in this household we were going in three different directions!

Michael fully caught up in future near-space satellite building, Jon and his high school charges learning about America and improving their English, and me, just trying to keep up!

Sunday afternoon, last minute, we set off for Symphony on the Prairie at Connor Prairie. Best decision ever! Amazingly beautiful and meaningful event in a gorgeous setting.

We set up our chairs in a good spot and walked around to see what there was to see.
We stopped to talk to the Sons of the American Revolution curious about the different flags. All eight from that time period, they marked rallying points for the different companies. Interestingly the red and green was from Indiana. The expert historian was explaining them at length when one of "Sons" approached and said, "You are Mike Koch, right?" It was a gentleman from our church!
Jon, Mike, and Keith Freer

We kept on walking, admiring the scenery, bought some kettle corn. Someone else called our names--the Bennetts, former PhyXTGears president and wife!

Mike, Mary and Ben Bennett                                                                          The Boxells, Kate and Avery 

We finally got back to our seats, by then the family who'd staked out the spot directly in front of us were all seated, and we recognized friends from our community and church!
Kate, one of Mike's star pottery learners from years ago at the Red Barn, now married and living in Indy, came and stood in front of him. He stared for a moment, surprised, "Kate!" What are the odds among 8,500+ attendees!

 We had the perfect spot for every aspect of the impressive event.

Monday, Jon and the Basque kids attended a Pink Droyd concert in the next town. You can see Elijah is having a lot of fun with Unai, the student they are hosting.

We preferred the tranquil setting of Stephan and Karen's farm and the quiet meal with friends. :-)
Stephan and Mike surveyed the progress in the work shelter. The chickens checked us out.

The next days' rain created a lake for the . . . are they hens or ducks?

Tuesday, the Fourth, more fire works, in Marion and then Jimmy's specials here in town with Leah's clan.

Wednesday, the Basque gang went to Kokomo Beach for the day. Unai stayed here overnight because they were leaving early the next morning for Chicago.
The guys tried the zip line and Jon cooked a vegetable medley for us. Yummy!

 Early Thursday . . .
Off to see the big city

Jon: Bean there, done that

Meanwhile, Rebecca and I had fun together doing many things and none for very long.
The walk in the gentle rain may have been the longest activity.

Friday again we parted ways with our Basque "son." Jon and Unai were very eager to play soccer at the DCFC where Stephan goes.

We went to Sam and Kristie's for a delightful evening of stories and smores.

Jude helped Mom make "indoor smores."      Friends back from overseas shared fascinating experiences. 

Hang in there! The week is almost over, only one more collage.
One of the Basque families invited the group over for an evening of pizza smores, canoeing, and more!

Believe it or not, that was a mere glimpse into our week. I'll save Sundays' many pics and stories for next time!

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The Bug said...

Now that looks like a fabulous week! LOVE your Sunday - it's exactly the kind of thing that Mike & I enjoy. I also love pictures of chickens - they just make me smile. And that description of your day with Rebecca - perfect!