Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Week 29: A quieter week

The Basque students were at camp all week. It rained off and on between hot spells. Robotics and work on the satellite has slowed down to two days. However, thinking about the project and the design issues is ongoing. Sort of like my writing projects, always there, slowly percolating. 

This week we discovered a nest in the wreath. Don't know how long it'd been there. We first saw two small eggs and yesterday there were four. Sometimes the mama bird is there, brooding.

I walked for only the second time this season with the little group that meets Wedensdays at 8:a.m.--beautiful weather, interesting sights.

Thursday I was very eager to find out whether the article I submitted had been published. It was!

Every day this week I checked the Miracle Camp website for glimpses of our Basque kids. This first-day photo of the three guys cracked me up!

So did the photo Krisite posted earlier in the week of the young'uns with their array of fluffy friends firmly planted in their shoes! Notice that the honored one got to wear a tie! What amazing imaginations!
Saturday afternoon after the campers returned, I drove Unai back to his "home" for the month, at Sam and Kristie's. The little guys were still playing with their "shoed" friends.

Photo credit: Kristie Koch

Here's another favorite photo of the last week--Rebecca wearing an original Life skateboard's design shirt and showing off one of Sam's skateboards.

Photo credit: Leah Koch-Sower

Sunday we had a Kochout for the Basque students. First some played around with the zipline and the segway. And later we stuffed ourselves with wonderful food.

The students leave next Friday, the 28th. The month is almost up. May it end well!

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The Bug said...

Those kids look like they're having so much fun. Your article was quite well done! Love the stuffies in shoes :)