Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 Week 30: Farewells and Birthdays

One of my favorite promises--a great reminder to carry with us through uncertain times.

We always look forward to Monday evening meal surprises at Stephan & Karen's--the guests, the conversation, the food, and often the dessert.


Michael continues to ride regularly, aiming for longer distances, but has been hit again this week
with leg pain part way into each ride.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are satellite and robotics 10-hour+ work days.  When the Ustream is working, I can sometimes catch glimpses of action.

In this screenshot Mike and Moriah are rewinding the wire that sprung loose from the ThinSat.

Sometimes I can reach him during those long hours. Like when I sent a picture of the squirrel attempting a bird-feeder break-in.

Squirrel antics

Everyday responsabilities and hosting duties kept me entertained at home. The Basque students had their big Cedar Point outing on Wednesday. They left early and returned late, so Unai, Sam & Kristie's boy, stayed here overnight before and after. Looks like they felt very much at home.

Thursday, I took Jon to another of our local eateries that serves great healthy food made from "farm to table" ingredients--The Bridge Cafe.

Friday was the big despedida. We bad farewel to our six visiting estudiantes vascos after a wonderful month with them.

The Upland-based Basque students; Jon, the monitor, our guest; Jon is very popular with all the little children. 

Saturday we celebrated Mother, still radiant at 96!

Photo credit Kimbery Hoyt

We met at a nice restaurant with my two youngest brothers and their lovelies. I was so grateful that Michael was able to go with me.

The waiter, who kindly took our picture, asked if we wanted to do a silly or crazy pose. We really weren't inclined to do that and instead suggested an old time pic where no one smiles. Mother, however, didn't get the message.

We realized later that this pose is closer to the current realities of family life. Two, actually three members, are struggling with serious health conditions. Add to that the struggles of starting a new business and keeping the old one going. Then there are family issues.
Yet we can trust, be thankful, and smile, the last chapter has not been written yet. (Read the promise at the top again.)

The same day was Skye's birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday with a campfire cookout.

This tender-hearted young man has had a couple rough years, but hung in there and is moving forward working full time now in the heating and cooling business. We are proud of him.

Trying to decipher the birthday code. Ah! Happy 9+3+8=20 birthday!

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The Bug said...

That pavlova and the salad you had on Thursday look fabulous! Yum! I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your mother's birthday with her. Here's praying that for her 97th everyone is healthy, wealthy, & wise! (or at least healthy)