Sunday, September 17, 2017

2017 Week 37: Life--Full and Fleeting

My plants prospered and multiplied outdoors but it's time to begin thinking about bringing them indoors. Summer will officially be over in a week, though pleasant, even warm weather may linger.

Times and things change. Seasons come and go. Friends and pets also. 
We attended two memorial services this week, celebrations of lives well lived. Last night we heard of two older friends in Argentina who left this life for a better one. 

We are so grateful when we see our young ones making decisions and taking steps in light of eternity.
"I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3John 4

Last Sunday we witnessed Zion's step of faith in baptism. You can watch a little video the church put together for the occasion--Baptism 9.10.17. It is customary at The Gathering, their church, for the family to surround the special water tank as the candidate is prayed over and baptized.

Pastor Brandt praying for Zion; the cousins; children's pastor Stephanie baptizing Zion

Monday after four hours of teaching, it was a real treat to meet my friend Julia for Thai food at a nearby restaurant..

Stephan always has culinary surprises for us Monday evenings, and we never know who all will be there.

Full table, fun food

Sadly, the next day, one of  their dogs went missing. Wednesday she was recovered from the animal shelter disoriented and blind, not sure exactly what happened, how or when.

Poor Gracie

I spent time this week looking back at my family's earliest years in Argentina in an effort to recall and retell those stories. I scanned, enhanced, posted photographs and also read a year's worth of "Aunt Margaret's" weekly letters written in 1959. I need to return those treasures to her next time I go to Grace Village.
Here are two sample photographs:
Our little family and another couple were scheduled to leave on the José Menéndez, a cargo ship, September 7, 1945. We were all aboard, and trunks loaded. Grandparents toured the vessel and noticed the small cabins. The farewells that followed anticipated a five year separation. However, our visas had not arrived, even though both families applications were mailed at the same time. Our belongings were unloaded and we were left behind.

A few months later, we finally left New York on the day after Christmas 1945, the final voyage of that same ship and my first time at sea.

New York City, Christmas 1945

Thursday I had a little visitor. We heard the neighbor children playing on their play set so we walked over to entertain them!

Rebecca loved the trampoline and was not afraid of the froggie

Our Friday evening fun was the Adopt an Angell concert, a delightful event to raise funds for the Angell family to bring a Korean child into their family.

So many near and far need to know, experience and be reminded of God's extravagant and faithful love for us, me included.

What about you? Do you live knowing you are loved?

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  1. Life does feel extra transient these days - all these natural disasters, and family members aging....

    I gave one of your little note cards to my best friend for her birthday - she loved it! They are so charming.

    Thanks for the Rebecca sighting!


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