Sunday, September 24, 2017

2017 Week 38: Chores and more

What's happening at the Koch's?
This week I want to focus on Michael as I didn't include any of his activities last week.
He has accomplished a great deal this summer: painted sections of the siding; sealed the driveway; cared for his beehives. (Sadly one of them became infested with wax moths and didn't make it. There are five colonies left.)

The evidence
The latest project: felling dead trees, making sure they'd fall in a safe direction; loading and moving them; splitting the logs and stacking the pieces. 

Our resident engineering student giving advice
This is an ongoing project. Four trees down and four more to go. 
Stephan will pick up several of the right-sized logs suitable for the timber frame house he is preparing to build.

Not to mention all Michael's other ongoing involvements: robotics; pottery at the Red Barn; the satellite project; and very regular bicycle rides.

What's happening in other Koch households?
Last Sunday was Kristie's birthday. I'm borrowing this sweet photo of the royal treatment she received that morning. This weekend, the college boy came home so Sam and Kristie could get away.

Wednesday tap class was quite a mental and physical workout--trying to learn new steps and a new dance routine as well as remember the old one--but very entertaining as well.

Big teacher, little teacher

I popped in to visit mi hija Thursday and got some good pics of the family pets.

Top: Zeus; lower left, Ruff; lower right, Cleo

Signs of autumn greet me on gray days and sunny days, but the heat wave we are experiencing (several days in the 90's) tell me summer is loathe to leave.

Grading was my focus. Tests and homework packets were spread out on the counter most of the week. I discovered that listening to audio books makes the task bearable, even enjoyable.

I finally learned how to use an app to access library books, and now I'm on a roll, three in one week. At this rate maybe I'll catch up on all the recommended reading.

I lean toward memoir and biography. There are so many life lessons in these stories.
I'm curious, do you enjoy audio books?

The week ended strolling hand in hand with Michael through the numerous vendor booths, rows of rebuilt old cars, and food concessions at the popular and chaotic event in the neighboring town, the Ducktail Run. We settled on a sweet treat to share.

Looking old but happy

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  1. You don't look old! And that sweet treat looks yummy!

    I love audio books, but don't have a lot of opportunity to listen to them anymore, since I don't commute to work and my walking is QUITE curtailed these days. I'm looking forward to getting some longer walks in when I can listen to a book.


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