Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 Week 16

Time for another weekly look back. Hardly any photos on my phone. Many more lovely flowers popping up outdoors. Is it really true we did not have snow this week?

Monday I enjoyed some time with the Muncie Kochs. I was there for Zion when he got home from school. Kristie and Malachi had gone to one of his first appointments. They came back with three free pizzas, actually Zion earned them by meeting reading goals. Unfortunately he can't eat them (not GF). 

Both boys are still hopping around on crutches, though they've graduated now from casts to boots. They took advantage of their injured status to race around Target in scooters for the disabled. 

Love this kid, and his T-shirt!

The robotics team is focused now on preparing for WORLD Chanpionship in Detroit next week! In their regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday work times they repair, improve, adjust the robot and practice. Beyond those hours there's some fundraising, even a radio interview:

Indiana State finalists

I had two fun Spanish related events Wednesday. I interpreted for a parent-teacher conference at the high school, and then met a former colleague and friend from when we both taught Spanish at Ball State.

Also, that evening Michael and I went to see the film I Can Only Imagine, based on the true story of how the song was inspired. We highly recommend it.

Thursday, appropriately for TBT, this very old photo surfaced on Facebook and along with it many comments and memories. 
The young man on the right became the pastor of the church when we left Don Bosco to come back to the US in December of 1963. The other three young men grew up in the church; we were in youth group together and were very involved in the ministry. 
Interestingly I heard from two of them this week. One recalled when he was about five years old, my dad was going door to door inviting people. His father was acquainted with evangelicals and took his son to the Sunday School. That's how it all began for him. Even now at age 73 he recalls the wise answers.Pastor Hoyt gave to the difficult matters they discussed.

I revisited other memories this week as I prepared for a storytelling session Saturday where I had offered to tell the story of our housefire and how the community came together and surrounded us with so much love.

One friend wrote and recorded this beautiful prayer-song. I could listen to it over and over. Wish you could too.

Unseen Hands

Lord, I come to your throne room
Where I know you abide
I know Christ is there close by Your side.
I’m askin’ and I’m prayin’
Holy Spirit, interpret me
Cause I’m comin’ on behalf of friends in need.

Open heaven, rain down on them
Your amazing, unbounded grace from heaven
And we’ll know it could only flow
Down from heaven
From thine unseen hands.

There are problems they face
That need your touch
They’ve worked and they’ve labored
Oh, they’ve given so much.
There are strongholds that only You can break
So I’m askin’ for your unbounded grace.

 All for now from our neck of the woods.
I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. No snow? Amazing! Very pretty flowers. And those boys look like they're doing really well!

    That prayer/song is lovely. Good luck to the robot team!


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