Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May Celebrations Begin

 I am currently enjoying two different-year calendars that share the same dates--1946 and 2019.

The former is the year I am immersed in right now in my memoir writing. Do any of the memorable names or events listed mean anything to any of your out there?
1--Tsunami strikes Hawaii, killing over 100; US coal miners strike.
3--Japanese Lt. Gen who ordered Bataan Death March is executed.
5--First public performance of Charles Ives's 3rd Symphony; later wins Pulitzer Prize.
7--Herman Keiser wins 10th Masters Golf Tournament.
9--Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup, beating Boston Bruins 4 games to 1.
13--Al Green, singer, is born.
17--The Virginian, starring Joel McCrea, is released in New York City.
18--Jackie Robinson debuts as second baseman for minor league Montreal Royals.
19--Film The Blue Dahlia is released.
22--John F. Kennedy announces he is running for U.S. House of Representatives
25--Railroad collision, Naperville, Ill. kills 40, injures 120.
26--Marilyn Nelson, poet, is born.

The other calendar is a form of art. Every day I get to place 6 or 7 numbered stickers in their corresponding spots, very carefully--my fun activity, a reward for productivity, especially in writing.
April is complete. It is sobering to realize that one third of the year is over, time gone that cannot be recovered.

 My writing accomplishments were minor, but I did get "unstuck," finished and presented a chapter to my writing group. There is nothing to say about the robotics team. After the successful trip to World competition, they took a week off.

This post will likely contain fewer old memories and more of the week's memorable moments. A couple old photos sufaced. I glean interesting details and information from them. The first was taken in the U.S. during a one-year furlough from my parents' missionary service in Argentina.
Interestingly, the expression on my face reminded me of my grandson who is now about that age.

My 8th birthday in Winona Lake
The second was also taken in the U.S., some thirty years later, during a short break away from the missionary ship where my own family served from 1978-1983. 
Wow! Look at blonde Sammy, Michael's thick hair, and my perm!

The first memorable event was the celebration of Kristie's monumental accomplishment--a master's degree in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) from Ball State university in the midst of series of life challenges.

Saturday, May 4, Commencement
Although she dressed for the occasion, and Malachi was saving seats for the family, in the end Kristie chose not to attend the looooong ceremony, realizing that her walk across the stage was scheduled for much later. So, they settled for a photo shoot outside the university and then went out to eat.

Meanwhile, I was preparing a surprise party at their house. Text messages conveyed the change of plans. They delayed as long as possible. The friends arrived in a timely fashion and the celebration was a success.

Sunday, May 5, Cornerstone's Spring Celebration
Kayla teaches so many groups of dancers at Cornerstone for the Arts in Muncie that half of the dance performances were her classes. Rebecca was in three of them--ballet, tap, and hip hop jazz. 

Rebecca watching the show with Daddy, posing as ballerina and superhero Owlette.
If you want to see teacher Kayla in action from the front row, go here. Or from the sidelines:

Rebecca, second from left.
Leah's whole gang was there--perfect opportunity for a family pic! There were a whole series of backgrounds painted for one of their events. These were the top family choices. 

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Congratulations to Kristie! We did something similar for Mike's graduation from UC. We all went to his (much smaller) hooding ceremony, but chose not to go to the huge graduation.

    Owlet is ADORABLE!!


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