Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rosie, posies, and more

The greening of spring has happened. Warmer weather peaks through the rain.

A variety of seasonal blossoms come and go in the woods around us. 

Tuesday evenings when Mike is at robotics I sometimes follow a live watercolor tutorial. This week it helped me come up with a truckload of fake flowers which I can personalize and give as graduation cards. 

The happiest surprise of that day, however, was to hear my dear cousin's voice on Moody Radio!
50 Years of Rosie on Chris Fabry Live was a program to honor her, Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, and reflect on her five decades of teaching. Many called in and shared how their lives had been impacted through her caring influence. Rosie also shared what she had learned and experienced. It was a very touching, well-deserved tribute, and happened to be on her birthday!

I, on the other hand, received a gift that far outweighed the service given--one hour interpreting for a Spanish speaking family at a parent-teacher conference.

A favorite little visitor spent some time with us Thursday. We colored together, read books, or at least looked at the pictures.
If at all possible this abuela likes to include a Rebecca sighting in the weekly blog post.

Keeping her distance from a little creature, lest it jump on her, ha!
A bit later abuelo and I joined one other member of our little art club and painted bluebirds. I inserted/framed our two using scrapbooking pages. I kinda like how they turned out.

Leah can't wait to get back to art club after the end of the month when her schedule opens up again.
So, meanwhile, and as a special mother/daughter activity we attended another Painting with Laura session at The Bridge.

Leah amazes us all with her speed and style. We were the first to leave, again. I decided to finish mine at home.

I added words and more and gave it to Mother.

Saturday was a huge day for Michael. Madjax hosted a big STEAM exhibit. PhyXTGears had a large presence at the event. The team set up their pit and displayed several of the robots. They also ran a variety of games and activities. From all the photos I could tell it was a success!

Michael, however, was exhausted by the end of the day . . . 

Sorting Game: find 10 matching pieces and get a prize.
. . .and week. Never a moment's rest for him, it seems. Even now our fridge is out!

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  1. When do you reckon you two will slow down? It's exhausting to hear all you do each week! I love your truckload of flowers - and "my" Rebecca sighting!


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