Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Week 41

Lovely fall weather held out for most of the week, and again I enjoyed several half hour walks. When possible I'd catch a ride in the morning with either Moriah or Michael to the corner of the campus and then take a different route home each time.

The university president's house in the background
Moriah told me about the gift given to the university this year by the graduating class of 1969 to celebrate their 50th anniversary--a fountain symbolizing the servant leader concept exemplified by the towel each graduate receives.

I also noticed last year's class gift, an enhancement of the area surrounding the bell tower with plaques explaining the guiding concepts of the institution.

Michael gets his exercise working long days at the Matthews shop. Even so he tries to go out for a bicycle ride when time and weather allow. 
I enjoy sharing a lunch with him there most days. Occasionally visitors stop in. Kayla surprised us one day, and Leah joined us the next day for lunch. Most often one or more of the other mentors drop by to help in some way. 

Gradually the old building of 100 lives, is taking on a new identity. If the walls could talk there'd be so many stories to tell. These are remnants from the past. Do you recognize the flag?
A sweet memory this week was when Jude was born June 8 seven years ago. I was so privileged to be there. The blanket I knit for him was one he treasured and carried around till it fell apart!

And here is the finished structure Sam built for his boys motivated by Jude's birthday.

It was the week of fall break, so the family took off for Kentucky (minus Malachi, the college student) combining a visit to Kristie's grandparents' grave and relatives in the area, and some beautiful recreation sites.

Saturday I took Diane and a couple of college students to America's largest War of 1812 living history event at the Mississinewa Battlefield, Marion, Indiana--like taking a step back in time.
We enjoyed interacting with the vendors and participants dressed in period costumes, playing tunes from the late 18th century and Thomas the storyteller who regaled us with the history, culture, and customs of the Native Americans.

We were not prepared, however, for the cold wind. The weather had changed so drastically during the night, that even the sunshine was not enough to take the chill off. The two girls from India have not adapted to our Indiana climate yet, so we shared one coat, mittens, and headband around among us.

My favorite 1812er and her dolly Goldilocks
Sunday, after early church, I headed up to Grace Village to attend the annual open house of the ARTcare with Grace studio. It was very special to have my brother Alan and his son,visiting from Portland, OR, join us for dinner with Mother. 

In the studio we spread out all of Mother's paintings and could hardly believe how many there were. She picked out her favorite. I have since framed it to hang in her room.

There you have it, another full week, and only 11 more to go in 2019!


  1. Is that the Texas flag? I feel bad that it seems like Mike is having to do all of this work by himself. :(

    1. Yes, Texas, however upside down. Why was it attached to the wall like that?
      True, Mike is working mostly alone. Glad he's taking a break next week, going to Idaho with Stephan to hunt with nephew Jeff.

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