Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Week 42

Fall is in full swing! I am enjoying the welcome decor that came together. 
Ha, notice the reflections in the photo. Smile. 

The lovely tree sculpture Stephan carved is gradually deteriorating, but still draws the attention of all who stop by. This week alone I handed out two pamphlets--a trifold with original photos and an explanation of all the icons that tell the story of our lives.

Taylor University's fall break was over the long weekend. Moriah went home for four days. 
Five international students, who'd remained on campus, came with us to Stephan's meal. It was fun to have a larger crowd.

Michael puts in long hours daily at the Matthews future robotics shop. His undivided focus (I suppose that is the definition of focus) reminds me of the three years he spent building our house before we could even move in. He said NO! to any and every other commitment other than his job and the house project.

One evening a few team students from the Indiana Academy came and helped hang studs and cut wood inserts.

The studs go up first, next spacers are fitted between them mid wall (notice on right of photo below). 
The metal sheets are attached above and screwed into each board for stability.

The various necessary cutouts take the most time.

Michael is working very steadily because he leaves next week on a hunting trip out west.

His work is paying off. It's looking good!

Wednesday night was Family Night at Basics, so I got to walk around and observe Rebecca's participation in the program. 
Moriah, no longer sick, was there for the first time this semester.

Saturday morning was the opening/dedication ceremony for the new Upland trail. It was a beautiful day. 
Lot of people came out to celebrate and try out this wonderful addition to our community.

This was a very exciting week for two of our friends from the Writers' Bloc--Dan's book came out and Tamara's play debuted! 

Although we'd read and critiqued some of Dan's chapters in our group meetings, to read the novel straight through as a whole, is far better. 
It is hard to put down!

I was so glad to be able to attend the final performance of Tamara's play--well written and directed and with a strong message. I certainly hope it is not the last time it sees the stage.

I celebrate both of my writer-friends. They inspire me to work steadily on my story. 
Michael models the focus and dedication I need to bring it to completion.

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